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1. official guide to Micros-Fidelio 7.12 (5) the first guide titled fit for Micros-Fidelio front Office 7.12 (5) has appeared in the Leonidas-Verlag. A guide for employees, trainees and job students who want to learn how to use Micros-Fidelio 7.12 (5). This guide explains the functioning and application of the widespread hotel software Micros-Fidelio. Image for image and clearly structured chapters beginners get a quick overview of the main settings of this software and using practical examples and numerous exercises to master the program easily and within a very short time.

With a comprehensive Stichwortregister for quick reference. The author Mario Schmidt is Hotel master, and taught throughout Germany as a lecturer for culinary professions. This workbook was created from his years of training for the management system. Appeared in the Leonidas-Verlag under the ISBN 978-3-941275-12-6, price 15,80 euro (D) and 16.30 euros (A). More information and Ordering this book, see Mario Schmidt