SoftTrend Study

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Requirements to HR systems rise – catching up on recruiting and personnel controlling solutions State-of-the-art HR systems have long outgrown from HR departments and have joined the triumphant in all divisions and departments in the company. HR software serves the company no longer only for the payroll and time and attendance, but rather become a dynamic instrument of control, proactively to meet the continuously changing market requirements. Robotics: the source for more info. Efficient, software-based human resource management (HRM) is becoming increasingly important for companies and can finally be due to demographic to a decisive competitive advantage. The demand is consistently high for HR solutions for payroll and time management. However, there is still significant growth potential in the areas of recruiting, personnel controlling, personnel development and workforce planning. With the current “SoftTrend study of 262 – HR software 2011”, which is available now, offers the Hamburg-based consulting firm Henry Take a well-founded decision support and shows current trends and developments.

A total of 101 152 HR solutions provider participated in the current study of Henry. Hamburg, September 6, 2011 – resources (HR) software is human from the companies no longer indispensable. Whether for payroll or time and attendance, in almost all companies will be resorted to personal beings software. But the demands of modern HR solutions are increasing. Companies are asking much more than just the wage and payroll from your HR software to settle or to capture the comings and goings.

High-performance HR systems have become valuable management tools, which can give a valid basis for strategic decisions the executives in the company. So personnel requirements can using an appropriate HR system, personnel planning more effectively controlled, be planned ahead or pointed out by powerful analysis tools optimization potential. Small distribution of candidate and talent management solutions in the company: By the shortage of already in some industries is in particular the production and development of experienced and qualified personnel of strategic importance.