Russian Legislative Technology

Posted by Juan on January 9, 2016as

In addition to legislative action in Russia is constantly being The development and implementation of new solutions to help prevent a fire hazard. So, specialists have developed a wireless system moe "Sagittarius", designed for installation in hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes. It detects fire or smoke and automatically transmits an alarm to the panel in the building and at the same time at the firehouse. If an invisible threat against the occurrence of fires often say something about another threat – Environment – little is known. Unfortunately, during the construction of social facilities are often used building materials that contain hazardous compounds. This has a negative impact on health of children, pregnant women, elderly people.

For example, in schools and kindergartens are often used alkyd paint with high resistance to abrasion. But at the same time, they emit organic solvents that are harmful to health. The alternative is acrylic-based paints that do not contain unhealthy fumes: for example, paint Fest Farbe, produced by the Russian-German group feidal. It can be used in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other social institutions. This paint is environmentally friendly and practical: with the treated surface it is easily washed off with a pencil, pen, and even markers. "Any building materials used in the studies in medical and educational institutions must be certified for use in these types of institutions – said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, the largest Russian producer pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – So, in 2005 we have been certified in Rostest and received opinion about the possible application profile proplex glazing children and hospitals.