Posted by Juan on January 1, 2013as

Expensive readers, this is the first time that I write in this espao.espero that as well as I am interested myself very for the opinions of the other authors, takes that somebody also reads my articles therefore wants to learn sufficiently with its critical and tips to be able to always continue in the resulted search of the one best one in our studies. But we go direct to the subject. If Peter the disciple had not denied the Christ for three times, never if would have become apstolo, therefore for what he knows yourself it was one face of difficult and very marrento temperament. He needed GOD to intervene with the feelings of Peter and to allow that he was planted inside of it other feelings as: fear, cowardice and even though faith lack. If it had continued to confront the Romans, as it made in the episode of the ear of Malcon also would have been died at that time. Therefore the order of Jesus' ' It moves away to you from mim' ' , it was not mere a tentiva to silence the mouth of Peter at that moment, more yes a strategy to force to withdraw it of its certainties for some time so that also it was not executed together with the Mestre.Sabido is that after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Peter if it fortified, starting from there a powerful ministry for the enlargement of the kingdom of God..