RAMPF Tooling Promotes Model Construction Young

Posted by Juan on September 28, 2019as ,

Efficient tooling systems virtually a hull meet Wildungen did not close while the young of the Bundesfachschule model construction from bad captains, gave yet a good insight what can expect the future model maker. Recently, RAMPF Tooling experts informed about 40 students about new systems and processing techniques of block material, surface resins about laminating pastes to the resin. Culminated in the production of a boat’s hull after the resin infusion process. The program of the seminar was very extensive. About 40 students of the Federal School of model construction from bad Wildungen got not only a comprehensive theoretical insight into the world of tooling, but could even work with. So, the participants of the various products of the brand of RAKU-TOOL parts and patterns could customize. RAMPF Tooling, Bernhard Deliege, Matthias Traxel and Marcus Vohrer, experts in different production pathways as: casting, layer construction and milling. Highlight of the event was the production of a ship’s hull Resin infusion process.

Typically, the resin infusion process is used in the production of large components. Hull model, the young hobbyists could learn what is important in this technology. The different working steps demonstrated Deliege, Tamiz and Vohrer in detail. Ranging from inserting the tissue package dry to the injection of the Reaktionsharzes by means of pressure gradient, which is produced by a vacuum. Also the students supported the various work steps. By the students themselves with, the greater the learning effect is”, explains Bernhard Deliege, Sales Manager North at RAMPF Tooling. Ulrike Hunter