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Posted by Juan on September 28, 2013

I must admit that the pileup electronic device that I enjoy most at present is the eBook reader. Today I would like to devote an entry to all those who are not very clear what is, what it does and how to take advantage. Terminology the first question that should be clarified is the terminology. Bad habit that we have to use the terms in English instead of Spanish are added to somewhat ambiguous terms, so we try to realize: electronic book or e-book in English: it would be a scientific, literary, or any other work (i.e. a book) in digital (electronic). On occasions, also used this term to refer to the eBook reader, whose definition we shall see below. EBook reader (e-reader or e-book reader in English): is a device that allows you to read books in digital format.

If we stick to this last definition, a computer, a Tablet and a phone Mobile ebook readers are. However, the term reader of eBooks (or also accepted electronic book) applies more specifically to those portable devices that incorporate electronic ink technology. Electronic ink is a technology that allows to represent information on screen with a very similar effect to which we perceive when we read on paper since they do not need backlighting. The backlight (specifically the LED backlight) is the type of lighting used by most of the screens to which we are accustomed (monitors, screens of mobile phones and digital tablets,). For we understand it is what allows us to use screen mobile like a flashlight but that on the contrary view tires us when we read for awhile (look at what shines white background on your monitor). In what is left of entry we will focus on the readers of e-ink technology-based books Electronics, which are devices whose main purpose is to read books with practically the same feeling as if we were reading on paper but with all the advantages that digital technology gives us.