Protocol AXIA

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When using wireless Ethernet, or optical line equipment AXIA may serve as channeling equipment for transmitting sound over long distances. IP-node AXIA has eight stereo inputs and eight stereo you moves that is, allows you to organize the duplex to eight mi analogue or digital (AES/E13U) signals in each direction through the Ethernet. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same. Adding the appropriate amount of IP-node Multicast mode allows you to organize on the necessary number of ways. More info: Kai-Fu Lee. IP-nodes are equipped with AXIA GPIO interface for control CD-player and studio signaling. A routing configuration and monitoring is performed via a web browser. To date, specialists CI SYSTEMS, the official distributor of companies TELOS, AXIA and OMNIA in Russia and the CIS, has successfully implemented many systems STL (StudioTransmitters Link) Protocol-based Livewire. So, in Chelyabinsk analog signals from the four studios with analog IP-node Axia converted into a stream of Ethernet, and media converters provide a further delivery of uncompressed signal to a fiber-optic line to the transmitting center (okalo 2 km), where the inverse transformation to digital AES / EBU in Use a digital IP-Site Managed Switch allows you to transmit a corresponding set of RDS-data for each station, control signals, FM-transmitters and processors, the organization of Ethernet-channel. This scheme allows you to transfer without delay of up to eight stereo signals in each napraalenii, easily scalable, and its value does not exceed the cost of equipment to convert analog signals into optics and back.

Another example of delivery implemented in Tula. Prepared for the broadcast program received three radio stations to digital (AES / EBU) IP-node AXIA, located in the radio studio. Twisted pair audio streams IP-Audio comes on Ethernet-switch, from which laid fiber optic lines to RTPTS. On a side RTPTS is the second Ethernet-switch, from which three audio stream fed to FM-npotsessory Omnia One of each broadcasting program. Formed FM-processor complex stereo signal arrives at the corresponding transmitter. Thus, the audio program get turned into a network Livewire in the studio, while the reverse conversion is performed directly to FM-processor, Omnia One, which also supports the protocol Livewire. The use of IP-nodes have transmitters becomes unnecessary. This scheme allows to significantly simplify the delivery network signals, making it much cheaper! Number of examples of organizing the delivery of a signal based on Livewire protocol is infinite, as infinite and the possibilities that gives us a network Ethernet!