Proper Installation

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The boiler must be installed by personnel authorized by the Ministry of industry, while respecting the laws and regulations in force in the matter, however, it will be necessary to meet the following general recommendations when it comes to the installation of the boiler: the boiler location must be installed in a sufficiently ventilated. This type of boiler chimney is essential to that connecting to a chimney, chimney being understood that flue pipe that is capable of creating a depression. You should make sure a depression of 2 mm. at the exit of the boiler, so it is advisable to:-must have adequate insulation. -It must be independent, building a chimney for each boiler. -It must be vertical and upper 45 angles should be avoided. -It should extend beyond a metre of the ridge of the roof or any adjoining building.

-You must always have the same section, still advised circular and never less than the diameter of the boiler outlet. However, they should always be constructed according to the rules of existing installation. Note: If do not get the necessary depression, problems can have on the provision of oxygen for combustion, so the boiler can give less Kcal than indicated. Hydraulics hydraulic installation should be installed by qualified personnel, respecting the regulations of existing installation (RITE) and taking into account the following recommendations:-the boiler must be installed in open circuit. -A trap should be mounted in the boiler so that air bags do not form. -Must be fitted, also a key for emptying in the Jack provided for this purpose in the boiler.

-Before of the wiring of the boilers should be an interior cleaning installation tubes thoroughly. -It is recommended to collate cutting between the boiler and the installation keys, in order to simplify the maintenance work. Electrical connection the boiler is prepared for connection to 220/230 V on pins 1 and 2.