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IFRN-UAB broad Course of After-Graduation sense in Portuguese and Mathematical Language in a Transdisciplinar Perspective Polar region of Luis Gomes Pupil: Maria of the Favours of Abrantes Weaveeing reflections concerning the Education in the distance Maria of the Favours of Abrantes* the present text has the intention in the distance to stand out and to confirm the importance of the modality of Education for the citizens contemporaries. To base this quarrel theoretically throwing hand of some affirmations of Moran (2000). The proposal of offers of the Education in the distance is a reply the demand of courses of good quality for a white public who does not have conditions of time and space to frequent courses in the actual modality. Of this form, this area of education contributes of positive form to brighten up educational problems. Its main characteristic is the communication between professor and pupil mediated for technological ways.

The traditional classrooms are substituted by virtual environments, thus privileging access to the knowledge. In relation to the paper of the professor in this modality of Moran education (2000, p.2) it affirms that: The paper of the professor if extends significantly: of the informer, whom said contents, if it transforms into person who orientates of learning, gerenciador of research and communication, inside and outside of the classroom, of a process that walks to be semiactual, using to advantage optimum of what we can make in the classroom and the virtual environment. From what the author said can be inferred that in this new pautado educational model in the technology and the virtual mediation, the professor acquires a character of facilitador of the knowledge. With this, the pupil gains more autonomy and responsibility to manage its learning. As it remembers well Perrenoud one of the abilities of the modern professional is to know to manage its formation. As pupil of the Education in the distance I can give certification of the good quality of the EAD. This alternative educational lode with intention to democratize the knowledge and to finish with the social exclusion and to provide a digital inclusion.

Assured for article 80 of LDB 9394/96, this area of the knowledge has allowed that the pupil is in fact the citizen of the learning as they wanted Freire, Dewey, Piaget and other adepts of the new school. *Graduada in Pedgogia for the UFCG.Professora de Infantile Educao In way the doubts, preconceptions and questionings the Education in the distance comes gaining space in the Brazilian educational context and to give to total emphasis the formation of professors. It is an excellent form of us, teaching professionals, to reelaborarmos and to consolidate ours to know, for each time more consubstanciarmos in them as inconclusos beings and perpetual apprenticees. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman. The dimension of the value of the EAD for pupils the regional and world-wide level is uneven, a modern and trustworthy way to construct knowledge. REFERENCE Moran, Jose Manuel. Innovative education in the Society of the Information. In: WWW.eca.usp.br/prof/moran