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How to become a painter for 12 hours, without leaving your home if you want to learn to draw, but think: 'I have no skills …' 'I have never turned out to paint, and so I can not …' 'The ability to draw should be developed from childhood, and now it's too late … '' In order to start something turn out, would have to spend a lot of time, you will need several years to visit the studio 2-3 times a week … '… Then I have for you some good news: In fact, all this – bullshit! I can teach you how to draw just 12 hours! "It's humbug! I myself graduated from art school and I know that you can learn to paint for two years – but not in two days! "- Claimed an artist and sculptor Steve Lester … until I saw results. "And when he saw – he finished his story – he signed up for this course. Just out of curiosity: what is this weird method? Now I teach it. Learn more at: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Proceed? "And we started. I was a student in the group of Steve. When I came to learn, I drew this: By the end of a six-day course I drew this: This course was a real breakthrough for me. For many years I thought I was not given a draw. Either there is talent or not. So I was taught in childhood. But it turned out – Anyone can learn to paint in 12 hours! Written right now! If you prefer, you can learn about the detailed components of the computer, its components and their characteristics, you can easily understand how to choose a computer and completing the most for your zadach.Vam will be available to many mysteries and secrets of the devices of choice, dispersal PK.Smozhete learn how to install the operating system and other necessary and useful programs on the computer. Ask yourself … and if you have enough perseverance and patience to learn all this? You can learn about it, just starting to learn, you are facing a dilemma and solve VAM.Da! I want to paint!