Nursing Care

Posted by Juan on February 22, 2016

Moreover, the growing use of scientific method allows and requires the time to reconsider the ethical principles in each of the stages of nursing care on the value of privacy of the person as being unique. Thus, nurses facing support functions under a humanistic perspective: Guide the patient in the process of communication of feelings and emotions. Transmit the necessary information and provide concrete answers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. Promoting the expression of anxiety and distress of the patient, helping to pinpoint the problem. Make conscious the patient in problem solving and the extent of their achievements. Facilitating the patient to find new approaches to tackle adversity through empathy, respect, warmth, authenticity, immediacy and active listening. Treating patients as unique, without being influenced by labels or Stereotypes.

Distance feelings of sympathy or antipathy that may arise. Compensate for the lack of human relations of the patient to exercise the role of friend or family member to understand and listen, always maintaining the therapeutic distance that comes with being a professional. The vision must be the health team, which is the nurse to the patient should be directed to the respect for their dignity as a person human, beliefs and values, by virtue of their individuality and complexity that they do respond to unpredictable circumstances of life. In the case of a terminally ill humanistic profession goes further, it is necessary that the nurse takes a mature attitude, empathic, manifested through compassion for the suffering of the sick, put in place for fear of death as a fact that unknown feels weak and vulnerable. The care of terminally ill patient requires the health care team and those close to the end you are treated with respect, love and empathy, so this staff requires a solid grounding in ethics for moral action, allowing you to identify, analyze and properly reflect and decide alternatives before any decision on the performance of their duties.

It is essential to reflect on the human care that the terminally ill are offering each of us at the present time, and that care as a human condition should be a moral imperative in the care of the terminally ill. The personnel working in health sciences must accept that the finitude of life is not a disgrace, is a hopeless stage of human beings, and human dignity must be present until the last second of life in this world. It is necessary, be consistent with the technology, with science, but without losing sight of other people, or the spirituality that people around us can display. Applied science for the benefit of man and imbued with wisdom.