New Challenges Management

Posted by Juan on September 23, 2023as , ,

Carlos Mora Vanegas generalities have come following very often administrator behavior that performs management in some companies dell country, especially in the SMEs and we have identified many gaps in the exercise of their profession, due in large part to the absence of modern knowledge that administrative science has generated, product of the commercial, economic dynamics of the scenarios where the companies operate. This certainly seriously jeopardizes national universities management schools, where many have neglected the definition of the profile of the administrator that is needed in order to meet the challenges, seize opportunities, threats, changes that will ensure a productive, effective performance of firms, according to requirements than in the present application for a sane to current consumers. Finance Minister. It is necessary to redefine the curriculum of study, eliminate all those subjects that do not contribute to anything the professional growth of the future Bachelor of administration, knowledge that are not adapted to the era and give step to new, allowing the administrator to generate actions, plans, strategies that favor him in his direction, in charge. /a>. Needs need to deepen, analyze the scope the impact of the new management, for example topics: outsourcing, topgrading, coaching, benchmarking, empowerment, quality and productivity, downsizing, participatory leadership, among others, that strengthen the knowledge of the administrator, allows you take step to strategic plans that will ensure a proactive participation successful, in addition to give way to an organizational culture authentic, typical of the necessary organizational behavior that ensures proper organizational climate for all the company’s resources, especially the human. You need a profile manager that may lead to graduate management professionals capable of providing solutions to the serious problems that the Venezuelan business sector, our case is facing. A visionary Manager, a real generator, proactive, charismatic leader of changes, strategist, visionary, innovative, entrepreneurial, coaching, safe, reliable, participatory. The knowledge necessary to ensure good performance in the functions of finance, taxation, marketing, production, human resources involving to develop administrative more operating systems, less bureaucratic, with a direction, planning, organization and more efficient control, whereas all the benevolence that brings the knowledge society must strengthen further.