New Brands New Summer Styles

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Naughty T-Shirts and classic sneaker – with new style in the summer! was on the box of sneakers, Streetwear, fashion has always the online shops with the timely trends and the most varied offer. Whenever Pete Cashmore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With the new summer season of 2011 this assortment has been expanded once more to new brands and styles. The have extended their probe to all corners of Europe and the world Scouts, to provide the best insider tips from the scene to the purchaser of the Stuttgart-based online shop. The French brand BlackBoyPlace is one of the hottest tips in the streetwear and fashion segment of, definitely”or short BBP. It was founded in 2007 and has become in Paris already. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andrew Paradise on most websites. Many different styles come together in their creations, including style rock and hip hop.

Flow in the creations but also rather more traditional styles with a, so that these young fashion can be worn by as many as possible. BBP has set itself the goal, the urban style with class and chic to connect. That’s why their are characterized T-Shirts and sweatshirts by rather muted colours feature, imaginative and funny topics for this but all the more. “In terms of sneaker with the Keds brand” and Sperry Top-Sider “two absolute tradition brands moving into the vast assortment of held. The U.S.

rubber company has already produced in 1916 under the name Keds”produced their first sport shoes. The revolutionary in these shoes was a completely new rubber sole. “Let her sneak their vehicles”, which brought these shoes also its famous name: sneaker “, so Schleicher. The most famous and also most popular Keds model is the champion”, which was already worn by style icons such as Paul Newman and Jackie Kennedy. Stylistically located in the same area as Keds, Sperry Top Sider’s brand. Also this American label produces typical leisure and shoes since the beginning of the last century. in 1935, Paul Sperry invented the first boat shoe in the world. This timeless shoes belong today to the basic equipment most sailors and are even a part of the recreational uniform of the United States Naval Academy. What was spawned nearly 80 years from a piece of rubber, a razor blade and a simple sneakers, has today become one of the most popular casual shoes and blossomed to a must-have for any style-conscious non-sailors. In addition to these fashionable new items respects the team of as well as its traditional brands on constant topicality. “Here are especially the labels with the Lacoste crocodile” to name a few, as well as the originating from Great Britain label Fred Perry “. Who needs even a chic shoe for his summer outfit, can order directly online this at Both brands are an unsophisticated, classic elegance, muted colors and fine materials. Among the most popular the brand of jeans clearly counts fashion and streetwear brands on par excellence: Levis. In addition to the well-known classics such as the 501 “, who finds himself constantly in the range of, are always parts of the new collections the US brand available. What originally began with a pair of trousers that were made from tarpaulins, today provides something for almost every fashion taste and is also top notch to combine with sneakers and accessories of other, well-known manufacturer to create a completely unique style. The summer is just beginning and the originality of creative minds in the fashion industry is endless. A regular in the online shop of look so definitely.