Magnesium: Finishing Material

Posted by Juan on September 28, 2023as

Magnesium – is the newest, the finishing material. Credit: Steven Johnson-2011. Recently entered the market leader in terms of decoration called plasterboard, it is indispensable, and in the literal sense, building material, which was used in different purposes, even when the section of the room. However, progress is not, and even this irreplaceable finishing materials yet found a worthy replacement – magnesium. Cteklomagnievy sheet or magnesium – is a modern and new material which by all accounts superior to drywall. He also made as a sheet, but its basis is the chloride and magnesium oxide, and is composed of water, chips and glass fibers. Magnesium sheet has a number of the following properties: Ease Flexibility Strength Fire Water Resistance Ecological Versatility And it's not just a list of characteristics of the material, any of them exceeds the drywall in all respects.

Cteklomagnievy list (magnesium) and drywall on basic properties. Ease – magnesium nearly 42% lighter than drywall, which provides many advantages during the installation. Flexibility – magnesium sheet reinforced with fiberglass mesh, however, sheets of finishing material can bend radius of up to 3 meters. Strength – strength index, of course, determined by the thickness of magnesium, and the content of magnesite, mostly 0, 94 g / cc. , It is this figure should be a high-quality magnesium. Fire resistance – here all at altitude – Cteklomagnievy list (magnesium) is able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees and for 120 minutes, and it's all possible thanks to the special ingredients that go into its composition. Moisture resistance – with magnesium Can easily be used in rooms where moisture privyshaet acceptable norm which is not always acceptable to the drywall.

Environmentally friendly – because of its composition, magnesium sheet is absolutely harmless in terms of ecology, even in burning time it does not emit any toxic substances. Drywall is in this case has lower rates of eco-friendliness. Versatility – magnesium sheet, as already mentioned, versatile – it can be used as as a finishing material, and for finishing the ceiling and walls and it is only its basic purpose. Most modern construction companies have already made their choice in favor of magnesium sheet. This savings construction budget and practicality of use, because the magnesium sheet is by far the best finishing materials in virtually any finishing work. Sheet of glass can be laminated, then in his longevity can be no doubt.