Lighting Control

Posted by Juan on January 18, 2016as

Creating a home system, offering control of lighting, should be a rational approach to the selection of the minimum required for this technical means, taking into account the inevitably arise in this work. If you already have a good lighting system, it is advisable to use wireless devices that enable management to control lighting remotely, and remote control devices with independent power supply is even better. Installation of new or additional cables may prove a more expensive wireless systems offering control of lighting. Very simple and practical solution could be to socket with light barrier, sensor or timer. By installing it, you will immediately receive a lighting control for one or for a group of lighting devices. Devices with self-powered with batteries are quite reliable. Power consumption these devices are so small that one set of batteries safely run for the whole year. Self-powered and can be simply indispensable when removing from the power significantly.

System implementing lighting controls will bring you considerable time savings and comfort. However, the maximum economic effect can be achieved only by using modern energy-saving lamps. For small current consumption they give plenty of light. Even forgotten by all conventional fluorescent lamps, consuming 36 W, give as much light as regular incandescent lamp of 200 watts. Cheap fixtures with lamps release and in waterproof performance.

For street lighting is best to use high-pressure discharge lamps. They are creating an even more powerful light streams consume a miserly amount of energy and are the most durable. At the same time allow you to implement and highly original color effects. Lighting Control outside can be trusted and the timer (programmable timer). In most cases these devices can be easily installed directly into existing lighting and require no additional work.