HDM Video

Posted by Juan on March 21, 2012as ,

It is no good on the interaction of the amplifier and speaker systems, and in First of all much worse quality bass. Therefore, the transfer of audio signals into the second zone is usually a "low-current" form through a well-shielded interconnect cables. You can send and zvukodannye in amplified form – there are models with built-in volume control gain, but, again, the sound quality will be compromised. Already being actively used the system in which the audio signals are transmitted in digital as practically ne exposure to external interference. Of particular interest are wireless systems that use Wi-Fi-between Connecting to the central controller and receiver, transformative "figure of analog sound. But the most difficult question – to send the image into the second zone. Usually there is sent a simple composite video – the most noise-free, but less quality than the other types (S-Video, component, HDM1). Translation of long-range component of better analog or digital video signal is practiced infrequently.

Using the HDMI interface is hampered by the fact that it is very difficult and expensive to make long enough HDMI-cable without irreversible loss in image quality. Today the price of the connector can easily reach several tens of thousands of rubles, and the warranty – no … However, developers gradually overcome these problems by increasing the length of HDMI-conductors, has presented a workable model HDMI-cable length of 20 m. You can solve the problem by installing a special video amplifiers which increase the signal / noise ratio and thus immunity povyshayuschihtem line. It is true that such measures are relevant only when the funds videootobrazheniya require high picture quality. In most cases, play, say, television in the kitchen and enough "composite". Management of the second zone can be implemented in several ways. The most simple – lack of control, that is, all adjustments and settings performed in the base area one remote.