GSM Sensors

Posted by Juan on April 11, 2012as

The operating principle of gsm signaling is that after firing any wireless motion sensor or door opening, and use a panic button activated a siren and immediately begin an alert via gsm channel by using sms (MMS) messages or phone calls to the owner or point guard. The user has the opportunity to record all messages, but with a special speaker to maintain direct feedback from the protected object. Consider some typical key system parameters GSM-alarm system. The first important parameter: gsm alarm system must be vandal, that is located in a secure metal case, where has all the elements, including – GSM-terminal block to connect cables, power supply. All this is necessary to perform the main functions of the system – the transfer of alarm sms or mms messages, and the inclusion of other devices. Well casing protects it from Snoopy.

The second option is that device must have no sufficient number of connectors for connecting various sensors signal. It is desirable that protected areas have been programmed – for example, the first connects to a chain of sensors movement, the second – the chain of Smoke detectors for the third – a reed switch on the front door, while the fourth – a chain of impact sensors. Also, do not interfere with some additional outputs for actuators (eg, light and reminders). The third parameter is characterized by the need to pay the availability and quality of the built-in power supply of special attention. After all, uninterruptible power supply and battery should provide a reliable the work of all elements of GSM-system (centralized and sensors connected to it) when a power failure for at least a day.