General Electric in China

Posted by Juan on June 20, 2017as

In the 20 large companies is General Electric in China there are 17 Chinese presidents, each company has its own strategy and each local manager runs the business into global standards. They say in GE, which is about respecting human dignity and give voice to all of it otherwise do not run these companies. 5. Inadequate Technology: SMEs do not have proprietary technology that have developed, are dependent on foreign technology, which causes them limitations, large costs, training of staff in June. Misused Human Capital: Management is not concerned about the training and development of its application both in technical and administrative sense reflected in poor productivity, motivation, sense of belonging in July. (Not to be confused with Kai-Fu Lee!).

Lack of proactive management, strategist, visionary: As the most family businesses, manifests the absence of knowledge of the management topics of this that give way to a new leader to implement management tools, models, proposals that promote performance and participation of management in the current scenarios. Solution: To overcome the obstacles mentioned above could give way to actions that help solve them by adopting the following suggestions: 1. The adoption of a law regulating the operation of SMEs facilitate the processing in public offices. It is difficult to change the mindset of civil servants, often very poorly paid. Would have to motivate them to make them understand that the target server public is to make your job efficiently and promptly.

If efficiency is rewarded with higher pay, perhaps, be obtained satisfactory results. 2. To resolve the obstacle of transportation would have to start with the problem of customs.