French Stretch Ceilings

Posted by Juan on October 20, 2011as ,

Stretch ceiling is a special PVC film treated on the edges of the harpoon – a flexible plate used for mounting. If, however, a closer look at the classification, suspended ceilings are 2 kinds: the weld (Suture), as well as seamless. They vary a lot in their appearance: thus, if welded created several paintings, each two meters wide, with just a weld, the seamless stretch ceilings can be used on the square more than five meters. Welded stretch ceiling is made of a dense film, seamlessly – from polyester, but also additionally impregnated with polyurethane. Suture ceilings are made of different shades and colors Seamless – only matte, which subsequently applied to the desired image or color. The texture of stretch ceilings is quite diverse – glossy and matte, suede, velvet and metallic. Partly due to the fact that for such ceiling is possible to apply a pattern or image, this is essentially a unique finishing material is perfect for absolutely any interior space – from private apartments to the hypermarket. Unchanged leader Sales has for a long time considered French tension ceilings, which are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology, which provides heat shrinkable film, which makes the material more flexible and flexible, but at the same time, strong and durable.

In recent years, and our domestic manufacturers began to produce materials that are not inferior in quality. This makes it possible to order the suspended ceiling directly at the manufacturing plant, and even at a very tolerable cost. Installation of suspended ceilings is as follows. Baguettes strengthen throughout the perimeter of the premises, and has been for them, with the help of a harpoon zaklipsyvaniem, mounted film. Hygiene, fire resistance, durability – is only a small part of the main advantages of suspended ceilings. Add to this impressive range of textures and colors, easy maintenance and aesthetics. Your choice will become obvious. Forget about the whitewashing and painting, ceiling tiles falling off and falling structural elements of suspended ceilings, choose the high quality and undeniable beauty suspended ceilings, which, with a special chic will underline the office or home interior design, as well as save you from unnecessary worries.