Free Food Combining Table

Posted by Juan on May 29, 2024as ,

Find free diet table for download in the diet table clearly displayed the combination possibilities between neutral foods, protein and carbohydrates. The food (proteins) or (carbohydrates) can be combined with the neutral food group each. If you are not convinced, visit Mikkel Svane. Explanation for the use of food combining table which was food combining table of Dr. W. H. hay created, based on the Hay’schen diet diet. According to the principle of separating food, three food groups can be formed in accordance with the necessary digestive enzymes: base image end foods such as fruits and vegetables. The expression making base”refers to the final products resulting from the digestion of these foods.

Also acidic fruits such as lemons leave an alkaline salts in the body. Concentrated protein-rich foods such as meat, venison, fish, eggs or cheese. These are acid forming on their final product in the body. Concentrated carbohydrate-rich foods that are acid forming. To do this except include grain, bread and all foods containing flour, sugar and sugary foods (sucrose), natural fruit sugar. Here you can download you your food combining table for free. Implementation in practice the easiest way is to take the following 3 meals daily to: a meal with only animal proteins, one with grain carbohydrates and raw fruit (if desired, with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese) for example: breakfast: alkaline meal fresh fruit with a cup of plain yogurt and a tablespoon of wheat germ. Lunch: carbohydrate meal salad, baked potato, steamed vegetables, dessert sweet fruit (E.g. bananas); or whole wheat sandwich with salad (no cheese; Butter is allowed), vegetable soup and sweet fruit. Dinner: protein meal salad or vegetable soup meat vegetables (but not potatoes)