Forum Technology

Posted by Juan on January 25, 2019

Update: We update our blog with images of the Forum de el Parc Cientific de Girona, in this second edition brought together many companies in the ICT sector, in which Doceo Software presented its suite of mass digitization and document management solutions. The Forum convenes on the one hand the various entities, companies and research groups in the Park, and on the other the business organizations of the regions of Girona, Barcelona and the South of France with the objective of to publicize their activities, and encourage interaction and networking among them. The Forum’s technology integrates various activities that promote these spaces of encounter between organizations. Connect with other leaders such as Zendesk here. On the one hand, all the entities of the Park will make a presentation to publicize the activity carried out. These brief presentations by entities of the Park requires throughout the day and are grouped into four categories (companies, 1 and 2 room Center auditorium): 1.

BIOTECHNOLOGY, FOOD AND HEALTH 2. ICT (category where twelve Software integrates) 3. NEW PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES, MATERIALS, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT 4. INNOVATION, business development, social sciences planned activities in several sessions or round-tables discussions will include experiences that the rapporteurs have taken in collaborative environments, and how this relationship of collaboration established with another organization has allowed them: internationalize find financing innovation in I + D undertake new this edition boasts an outstanding participation of French organizations that will promote the interaction of the various agents in the territories, and become a stage of new opportunities for both countries. The Mission of companies of Languedoc-Roussillon in the field of Mechatronics will consist of a guided tour of various companies and most relevant research groups of the Park (activity carried out throughout the morning, in the offices and laboratories of the entities in the Park) and in the afternoon they will celebrate the B2B with entities Girona (Park and ITC Girona) which will be able to select through participation in the B2B catalogs. is directed to professionals in engineering, distributors, operators, etc. interested in knowing the latest trends both in own technology it infrastructures and those induced in the ICT Sector, allowing the development of phenomena such as Cloud Computing, the concentration in data centers, or managed services, as well as trends in other industries (security, telephony, Video, collaboration) based on the IP convergence offering new features, lower costs and greater capabilities of integration with other applications.The use of new technologies related to networking, in addition to being one of the keys to innovation, facilitates and offers great advantages to all types of organizations: reducing costs, increasing productivity, differentiation, access to new markets, new models work, etc.