Posted by Juan on September 28, 2023

What I am going to narrate, you seem maybe something romantic, rather today all young people something chorra or outdated. However all those who really have a dream think you know understand of what I speak. In the mid-sixties of the century passed uuuf, what sounds like that! (prehistory for you), La SER radio chain, creates a program called operation Plus Ultra that consisted of choosing sixteen children from throughout Spain, which had been highlighted by some heroic or selfless action for peers (you don’t know what I’m talking about, but ask you your parents and they will surely recall). This fact gave them the benefits of a trip by all Spain and sometimes outside it, where were to learn about his life and works, went on the node and the Franco regime granted scholarships, gifts and beneplacitos that were the envy of other children including myself.This phenomenon was very popular at that time and I from the moment in which the I met, I wanted to find me with some little old woman that save when you were to cross the railroad tracks and was on the verge of coiling it or any other children’s fantasy in that line. This really deep Calo in me, to the point that I felt something frustrated during my childhood to not have had that magical occasion of becoming a superhero for a moment and had the satisfaction of being able to save a life of reckless way. Actually this was my big dream child. Tech gifts: the source for more info.

But inevitably this universe has the bad habit of making us grow, mature (sometimes) and change our fantastic, multidimensional and hiperpsicodelicos dreams of childhood by ideas so common and logical, as chic@s, House, work, marry or arrejuntar is, mortgages etc., etc. But that intention was there still latent. And one day, after having done the mili and studying to till me a future, suddenly I put forward something, I have to confess, not had it I even raised, despite the fact that by pure chance the classrooms where I was studying teaching were just behind, in the then brand-new Park Central fire which was running to be built, but not even came to look, because my second vocation, teaching, was covering the first (at least in hierarchical order of appearance) much more exciting that was the superhero homespun. When, as a story in my history here on my website, a current partner (then wasn’t it) told me: want to be a firefighter? It automatically re-emerged in me the boy superhero.