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The new network solutions for finance financial services provider with a compact solution for the development and integration of IT and software solutions. GOING PUBLIC! Academy for financial services is on board as a training provider. Berlin, may 25, 2011 ten well-known companies of the IT industry as well as the training provider GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG have joined forces to implement new software solutions company to form a network. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. Together this gives a combined expertise for the IT-and software solutions – specialized for banks, savings banks and insurance companies. The network consists almost 100% of IT professionals. But even the best software must run as well in the minds of the staff.

It is therefore GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG as HR and training specialist with it”, explains how GOING PUBLIC! Board Member Wolfgang Karnik. IT companies, such as E.g. novedia finance FSS and Syncwork offer solutions for IT security, data protection, consultancy and project management, as well as special technical solutions and products for the respective departments of the company. All companies have years of experience in the financial services and together form a manpower of over 450 employees. You have the necessary experience, innovative projects especially in the context of current industry issues such as, for example, the core Bank migration, risk management or bank management. Banks, insurance companies or savings banks, who are looking for an IT solution that is difficult to implement with own resources, have a competent partner at your side with this Association. From project planning, through the development of software to the training of the staff and trainers by GOING PUBLIC! here can you take a complete solution throughout. For experience sharing and getting to know, solutions for Finance regularly invites to panel discussions and business lunches.

Interested parties can find dates and information at and. GOING PUBLIC! Academy of finance Consulting AG has since 1990 as Active training company. Offering courses to prepare public statements of the financial services industry is GOING PUBLIC! specifically on the respective company tailored seminars and workshops. By specializing in the financial services industry, companies will receive not only a training experienced, but also a highly experienced partner.