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Posted by Juan on May 8, 2024as ,

Telephone connection is to lock not wegem low arrears. Consumers should resist, if already a small payment arrears phone and Internet is blocked them. Nowadays, many customers are dependent on telephone and Internet. It is all the more incomprehensible that providers sometimes block the telephone for arbitrary reasons. Peter Asaro helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It was also when a customer who ran with an amount of 33.43 EUR in payment arrears. The party threatened him first, he shut down the lines. But that did not help.

Finally phone and Internet has been blocked him. Alina de Almeida follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But the customer objected and applied to the Court for an injunction. The Baden-Baden State Court issued the coveted injunction (AZ. 2 T 65/12) on the 03.12.2012 and committed the party to release the connection. The Court pointed out that the provider not the provision of 45 k par. 2 TKG.

After this a lock phone and Internet may be inter alia only, if the customer with an amount of at least 75 Euro in Default is recommended. It follows that consumers should contact due to inconsistent case law at a consumer advice centre or a lawyer, if the provider blocks them just like the line. This is true even if they have reasoned objections against their bill vorgeben eight and the provider still threatens them with a lock. A lock because of a delay may be veiled only incidentally in a delay of the customer in the amount of more than 75, if the provider has threatened to lock two weeks before him. In addition the customer also must be clarified, that you can take legal action against the imposition of ineligibility. As a customer be sure whether these strict formalities have been met. Especially in complex situations a lawyer can help you, so you need to no further legal worry.