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Archive migration based on easy enterprise .x in Ernst Granzow GmbH & co. met with the existing document management system at its borders, decided KG of Ernst Granzow electrical wholesalers for the use of a combined solution of the DMS specialist CTO, the solutions easy Enterprise.x and the suite of products developed by the CTO Balzuweit GmbH clarc. With the introduction of a new document management system by the CTO Balzuweit GmbH Granzow had set high objectives: the processing of daily approximately 16,000 documents from the output scanning bar code capture to archiving, short access times, and scalability for future growth. The transparency was at least as important to understand everything. For the seamless business process management should allow the audit-proof archiving of Office files and eMails.

Everything from a single decisive was .x and the flexible modules developed by CTO the overall package of the famous DMS easy enterprise for orders to CTO from the clarc product suite. “Reason for the combined solution was that easy Enterprise.x as cross platform framework for processing large quantities of documents has been designed and customized customize the clarc modules and are extremely easy to use” explained Winfried Karrais, head of IT at the Ernst Granzow GmbH & co. KG. Easy in practice as demanding the solution is technical, it is so easy for the user. Processed all documents that in the SHC ERP already produced with bar code and then follow their internal processing path. The system detects the document type in the bar code and automatically assigns them. Everyone using the application of clarc officeCapture can archive Office files and eMails.

Achieved already after a few months you could strategic and technical goals with Ernst Granzow life without which no longer imagine CTO solution. The concessions are daily apparent: the business run more smoothly and faster, the archive access times have decreased to a minimum. “The important thing is that however Elimination of paper storage that saves us a lot of time and also place”, would be Karrais. The CTO Balzuweit GmbH (formerly KG) was founded in January 1990 by Peter Balzuweit and deals with the subject of document related technologies in the areas of document data capture, workflow and archiving since 1993. Here, strategic partnerships with leading providers (such as with the EASY SOFTWARE AG). For over ten years, is active in the environment of SAP R/3 CTO and has realized numerous successful projects in the area of ArchiveLink and BusinessWorkflow also in this segment. The company has currently 18 employees. Contact: CTO Balzuweit GmbH Beate Frey Lautlinger WEG 3, 70567 Stuttgart + 49 711 718639-161 press contact: Jessen-PR Doris Jessen Brunsummerheide k. Bobby Sharma Bluestone oftentimes addresses this issue. 5f 22149 Hamburg 040-672 17 48