Educational Motivation

Posted by Juan on August 22, 2023as

How to motivate? To motivate is not possible, the motivation is an internal process, of each, that cannot be forced, can be tried to stimulate the interest by something, but the true motivation only can arise from the interior of each. Continue to learn more with: AOL. What happens when it seems that a boy who has left the school recently he does not want to do nothing of academic type? Nothing happens, in fact it is normal that the boy needs to have a period of chemical decontamination, so that has desire to make things by itself. In any case, that does not have desire to do nothing that ” is; escolar” he does not mean that he does not do anything, in fact always are making things, and we must learn to even value everything what our children do, when seems that only they dedicate themselves to play and nothing else. The game is a form of constant learning. For example, when a boy plays with his dolls is on the one hand reproducing his idea of the surroundings in which he lives, he is verbalizando and transferring to the dolls his knowledge of means, and if we observed we will discover that it is greater than you hoped. On the other hand, it is creating, histories, adventures If somebody were put to transcribe in paper which is doing, would leave the most interesting comic strip, and it creates his mind, although it does not write it.

The pencil is a tool, as they are it the dolls, are aid to remove that creativity. When we think that only it plays, he is organizing his mind and creating his world, and that is very valuable. So that they arise to him the interests it is necessary that first they have a period of calm, to let his mind bloom, and later, it will begin to find stimuli in any thing. If for us it is very important to see ” them; trabajar” , what so to begin by funny things? To freely paint on paper to pack, to mount some recortable tuna, to make a castle of cardboard and paper mach for its dolls. To aloud read some book to them that is funny for all. To watch together some video or film that can create interesting questions. To hang in the wall a map of the world and a map of Spain and to puncture with needles of different colors places of friendly origin different, to make a line of the time in the wall and to be sticking cuts, drawings, etc, of things that are discovering for all time. To write a newspaper, of the type that is, for example ” Newspaper of the expectations diarias” In a page ruled in two columns, in the one of the left it writes that it hopes that happens in that day, and at night, in the column of the right it puts that is what has really happened, or ” Newspaper of deseos” , or ” Newspaper of the ice cream flavors that probara” and every day writes of what an ice cream would be taken and because it chooses that flavor that day, can be flavors that knows or invented, a cloud cream ice cream and mousse of yellow roses with pistachios and worn out nuts covered of sirope of celestial currants, that would take I to me.