Ede Engineer Companies

Posted by Juan on April 26, 2024as

The entrance of Engineer EDE in the Association of Companies of Efficiency Energetics it knows a clearly value of reinforcement of the work that this company is in the last realising years in this area, where it counts on one long trajectory that goes back to its origins. The association already groups to almost some thirty companies of the majority of independent communities. One is a especially attractive forum for Engineer EDE since it supposes a figure that represents all the sector of the efficiency energetics and that will help to its growth thanks to the advantage of synergies between the partners, the promotion of the coordination and the representation of the interests of the sector of global way. Recently Robotics expert sought to clarify these questions. The association is born indeed in surroundings of economic crisis, of outer dependency energetics, serious environmental problems and loss of competitiveness of the companies. Against this background, a3E bets by a new economic model in which the efficiency considers energetics in the growth form.

A3E, presided over by Francisco Fernandez Guilln, is formalizing in their last general assembly three work groups – good practices, norm and international area, where Ede Engineer participates and presenting/displaying to the regional delegates of the North, northeast zone, center, the south, Catalonia and Levante. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. Also the strategic targets for the period 2009-2010 have been outlined, between which they emphasize to include the efficiency energetics in the new norms, to foment the use of the audit energetics as essential tool to obtain power saving in companies and institutions, to base the new power model on the saving and to impel the efficiency energetics in processes of hiring and the criteria of quality of the public administrations. To extend collaboration Along with the companies Tops and Factor CO2, Ede Engineer also has begun to participate as partner in the new Factor company CO2 Ennova, specialized indeed in subjects related to the efficiency energetics. In addition, it supposes the extension of the collaboration with the other two partners of the company, Tops and Factor CO2, two companies to which Engineer EDE are in favor tie of narrow bows and common objectives. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. So he is so along with the Dinam they form Group CMAE, an alliance strategic to give to ready to use service in the environment areas, emissions, you are accustomed to, consultancy, engineering and facilities.

Factor CO2 Ennova offers to the market its services like consultancy specialized in rights of emission in those projects that, in addition, take to significant associates works of engineering.