Demo Point

Posted by Juan on October 12, 2019as ,

Fraunhofer IAO sets up mobile IT – workplace of the future in the global IT market, there are increasingly offers cloud computing infrastructures and platforms, as well as software-as-a-service (SaS). An essential core element is especially the outsourcing of the operation of IT systems and applications including in addition to the use of economies of scale and resulting cost savings to the end user. Visit Mikkel Svane for more clarity on the issue. Target of the new offerings is the user of the installation, to relieve the maintenance and operation of IT applications and to move its work processes in the future increasingly in the cloud, or to obtain the necessary applications from the cloud. Everything the end user on his device, is a Web browser and, where appropriate, applications to establish of secure communication channels. The data storage is also entirely in the cloud.

With the”cloud Workpad the Fraunhofer IAO sets up a mobile IT workplace, which demonstrated what is already possible today in the practice if it is limited exclusively to public cloud offerings and where the. Limits of the practical and feasible; for example, in the interoperability of services or in the area of security and data protection. The demo point is largely exempt from applications installed on the device. The user accesses so only applications, which are available as software-as-a-service over the Internet. Potential end users of cloud and SaS offerings will get to know on the one hand the opportunities and advantages of the new technologies and usage patterns; on the other hand it serves cloud Workpad research limitations in practical use of such services to future issues of research and development for the Fraunhofer IAO derived but also for the providers of such services.

Reach this target wants a Fraunhofer IAO the demo point in the grid and cloud lab, regularly visiting groups from business, industry and research. In addition it serves cloud Workpad as a demonstration platform for cloud and SaS solutions at trade fairs like the CeBIT 2012. the. Lessons learned from the use of the cloud Workpad incorporated into studies of the Fraunhofer IAO about the practicality of cloud solutions. In the foreground are among others the operability, interoperability of services among themselves and the field of data protection and security. More information: Fraunhofer IAO grid and cloud lab at the Fraunhofer IAO