Decartes Nature

Posted by Juan on May 3, 2015as

Even so animals and human beings possess vary things emcomum as the death, the birth, pain and the pleasure. Ren Discardings, pensadormoderno and adept of the renascentistas ideas. It made the inversion of this realidadepercebida in relation to the animals. By being also Christian, Discarding effected the unioestas two chains of thought and elaborated its proper theory respeitoda nature and of the animals: ' ' Under it influences of the new and exciting science of the mechanics, Decartes affirmed that everything what was composed for substance was prevailed porprincpios mechanist, as those that conduct the functioning of a clock. An obvious problem that this perspective placed arrested it our prprianatureza. The human body is composed of substance and is part of the physical world. Therefore, to podiapensar itself that the human beings also would have to be you scheme cujocomportamento was definitive for the laws of cincia.' ' 12 Discardings prevented this conclusion, focando that differently the sereshumanos of the animals, possua an immortal soul given by God.

To passoque those characteristics common between men and animals (birth, edor death), they were only reflected chemical physicists and, of set in motion springs being, masno indication of equal attributes of sensitivity to the human attributes. ComDescartes if started to dissecar animal livings creature with intention to prove that mere machines eleseram, without conscience, and capacity to feel pain. With asua maximum ' ' I think, then existo' ' , Discardings imprisoned and reduced the serhumano its proper mind. increased the existing irrigation ditch still more enters ohomem and the nature. In the Iluminismo and after this, 13 we see position conflitantessobre the nature and the animals. Exactly with all the carried through experiences comanimais if would wait, that the knowledge regarding the physiology of these, modified the especismo constructed since the Average Age. But what we saw it was queeste knowledge in nothing contradicted what Discardings had formulated.