Curriculum Vitae

Posted by Juan on November 13, 2019

A company, eager to offer support for the placement of external persons who lost their job as a result of a reduction.I prepare an economic Outplacement program. This program has two parts: 1. the immediate boss of the dismissed staff, advise and support their former subordinates. Mikkel Svane follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is obligation to receive and read the article: 10 steps to help employees overcome the loss of her employment 2.-to develop skills in the dismissed workers to find employment. Shall deliver to each former employee a copy of the book: that color is your parachute?.

It offers suggestions to seek employment. In addition, to those wishing to register may bear a seminar at a local institution, entitled: personal Marketing, so they will learn to write your Curriculum Vitae, they will obtain information from the labour market and to pass interviews. The course is funded entirely by the company (its cost per person is 50.00 nuevos soles). Do you think that it will be effective? That it is? To aspire to a job relocation, first must accept their situation, and then exit the market. The assisted severance consists of two parts: a.-psychological containment one thought: did I do that?, that mistake made? In a number of session variable (between 4 and 5) a trained psychologist assists a person who is passing a dismissal and therefore a period of unemployment.

There are that help a person can say: I felt very bad the duel that besides economic loss, affects self-esteem and leaves people without frame of reference. Until yesterday, it was Mr a. who worked for company B; It was therefore of B. And from one day to another finds that it is not more than B. Sometimes also includes the family support program. b personal Marketing may be directed to seek employment in dependency ratio (working for others) or start a new path to self-employment (work for yourself). In a number of session variables representing approximately 16 hours of work practical, basic knowledge is transmitted to exit the market: 2.1.-preparation of a resume 2.2.-the cover letter, how to use it 2.3.-access channels to market 2.4.- how to intelligently read ads 2.5.-direct sales. How to do 2.6.-the interview. Includes a role Playing 2.7.-(follow-up) follow-up of the process 2.8.