Posted by Juan on September 3, 2014

(column published in Newsweek in the top note on Taringa!) The Nokia scene was strange and frightening. April HTC 2005. Pope John Paul II dead wireless providers in his coffin, and thousands cell phones of people lined Samsung up slider phone and cellular coverage slowly walk cellular phone plans relentless for the last time to look inside the Vatican. However, thousands of young, instead of plans contemplating all the plans include the body free phones without life in silence, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans raised their mobile phones and digital cameras cell phones and shot. They wanted to immortalize that moment and, of course, upload it to share Internet almost instantly with thousands of other people. Cryptography can hide wireless phones the information sent LG in an extension that is completely unreadable by mobile phones unauthorized detector. The main application of cryptography is to protect information cellular phones against passive attacks (in data signal PDU) in cellular providers the communication through the process of ‘encryption’ of candy bar phone data. This with every plan system is implemented Motorola in systems cellular phones and cellular data networks.