Cruise Newspaper Circulation Increases Again

Posted by Juan on September 25, 2019as

Current edition is published immediately with 350,000 copies off the sixth edition of the cruise newspaper is available. After the Edition to last November has been increased, it now again rises to 50,000 copies. People such as Michael Dell would likely agree. Topics in this edition are the most beautiful Baltic sea routes, a Mediterranean Cruise, as well as river trips on the Danube and Rhone. Background reports inform about technology on board, concepts of roads clean and kitchen jobs on board, German cruise ports and news from the industry. With a size of 24 pages, the cruise newspaper appears also 2010 again four times per year. The next issue is published in September.

Laid is the title of the Astoria cruises headquarters Osnabruck. The cover is possible (including shipping costs within Germany) via a subscription for the price of 10 euro for four issues or single purchase of 2.50 euros. Ordering via:. Hintergrundinformtion about the cruise newspaper: the cruise newspaper is the nationwide make Astoria Cruises travel agency issued. At the Internet address: the company offers cruises on the Internet.

The website was awarded by the German Institute for service quality 2009 as best cruises portal. Since over 20 years the company is devoted to the theme “Cruises”. Sea -, River – and dialysis cruises are available. All leading shipping companies are located in the company’s portfolio.