Creating A Model-View-Controller Component Part 1

Posted by Juan on October 6, 2014as

Introduction This guide is devoted to the development component in Joomla 1.5 using the technology framework and scheme of mvc. You will pass through the entire process of its creation. As a result, will have developed a simple component Hello World! It will thicken in the following parts of the guide to show all the power and flexibility of the scheme mvc. Requirements: Joomla 1.5 or above. Introduction to the scheme of Model-View-Controller Despite the fact that the idea of a component may seem too simple, the code will be complicated by the addition of new properties and developing the user interface. mvc scheme can be used for an organization code for which separates business logic from data presentation. All business logic is placed in one location, which allows you to easily change the look or the way of interaction with the user without changing the very business logic.

mvc was originally developed to produce the input, processing the information and findings in According to the logic architecture of gui. This is the foundation scheme mvc in Joomla. Model The model is a part of the component that encapsulates the application data. Most often it is routine for the management and manipulating this data. In our case, the model will contain methods for adding, deleting and updating information about the list of meetings in the database, as well as for the list. In general, access to data must be encapsulated in the model. Thus, if the application should be moved from a system that uses a flat file to store information in a system that uses a database to alter only model, and the view or controller will remain unchanged.