Computer Memory

Posted by Juan on July 29, 2014as

External hard drives are not an invention as recent as you would think. Early computers depended on external memory to run other programs or operating systems. The only way to keep all these programs into a single site (and not in dozens of floppys) was an external hard drive. A huge hard drive and impractical. With the passage of time, internal hard disks became the standard for managing the information in a computer. With the rise of USB technology, external hard disks became alternative portable (and more resistant than the delicate internal HDDs) to make backups of the system, run some functions and take what might need a computer to another. Advantages of external hard drives. By its great storage capacity and its portability, external hard drives have become a great ally of the users of portable computers.

They allow you to upload different types of files, and even run some programs (which allows to save computer resources). The external hard disk format also allows to encrypt information and protect it by means of passwords, which adds a level of security to protect your information. Two different computers on a computer. However, one of the great advantages of having a hard drive is to run a different operating system other than the native operating system. Although it is not a standard solution (and can be somewhat unstable), it is possible to run some functions from another operating system on a computer if the BIOS allows system startup from a memory stick. Therefore, it is possible to enable a computer to run different operating systems and expands the possibilities of the computer. An alternative for people on the move.

A hard disk fits perfectly well modern equipment, expands the capacity of a computer, and allows you to transfer information from one side to another. It is a technology which, although it cannot compete with the duration of an internal hard drive, can perfectly compete in versatility and functionality, especially for people who are looking for a way quick to expand and upgrade their computers without major adjustments. External hard drives are excellent solutions for people who need no.2 information and programs to multiple computers.