Code Legal

Posted by Juan on May 12, 2020as

The main features of legal persons are the following: they have assets or capital, have the owner or partners that may be involved, action, participation, partners, community members or patrolmen, have representatives, have books and accounting records, some are registered in legal records, some partners have limited liability, can only register with those regulated by law, in this sense the criterion numerous clauses, have a name and in some patent cases, among others and may acquire rights and obligations. In considering the various legal issues can be taken to limit the right of a State or several States (particularly when the study is a study of comparative law, as legal persons in comparative law or legal persons governed by the Spanish and German civil codes, or legal persons governed by the Argentine and Peruvian Civil Code. In the present work aims to study legal persons in the positive law of Peru. However, in some moments studied the same in Roman law and the law of some other States. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Josh Harris Sixers and gain more knowledge..

Positive law is the right place in a State, which are part of the constitutions, codes, laws, decrees laws, legislative decrees, the supreme decrees, resolutions, ministerial decisions, the vice ministerial resolutions, among other standards. The positive law is divided into two parts that are right no law in force and effect. The existing law is the law that is in effect, in this sense are part of existing law and the 1993 Peruvian Constitution, the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984, the Peruvian Penal Code of 1991, the Code of Professional Procedure, including rules .