Choosing Ceiling Paint

Posted by Juan on October 22, 2011as ,

Today I will Tell you how to choose a quality paint, as well as share the secrets of a perfect painting. Coating paint today is the most common type of finish and interior external surfaces. However, the choice of paint products do not just because you need to take into account the huge amount of detaley.Na site you can find detailed information on choosing materials for building and construction technology. Wear resistance is mainly dependent on vlagostoychivosti and strength forming a film. On the gloss directly affected species and the number of … Before you start painting the ceiling should be carefully prepare the surface, because of it, for the most chastti will depend upon how well she will paint. The ceiling should be as smooth, clean (do not have on its surface dirt and dust), it is desirable if it is already primed. If you want to achieve from the ceiling, as they say, ‘ideal belezny’, you will have to sweat heavily.

Mazaichnaya paint (granite paint) – it’s acrylic bubbles in the water-based, free of granite dust. Bubbles spray breaking on the wall, forming on the surface of the bitmap (texture of granite). Applied to the prepared primed surface – it could be a finishing putty, wood paneling, concrete, gypsum fiber board, gypsum, particleboard, plywood, metal and glass. You can paint the walls or acrylic or latex, which contain biocides. Such paints can counteract the formation of mold and mildew on the wall. But remember that the paint for your health. What graski can prevent mold and mildew? The fact that mold and fungi that are toxic … The decor House paint is important wins back wheel, as it not only adds aesthetic appearance of a surface, but also protects them from exposure to various external faktorrov thus prodlivaya his life. Each Paint consists of three main components: a carrier, binder and pigment. Thanks to the media paint turns fluid and smooth when applied.