Cesc Returns To House

Posted by Juan on April 3, 2024as

Cesc Fbregas returns to house. The soccer player, of 24 years and formed in the azulgrana quarry from the 10 to the 16 years, when fich the Arsenal after a conversation of the soccer player with the technician to gunner Arsne Wenger, returns to his club, Barcelona. Source: Samsung. For it seasons have happened three long of negotiations, after the ex-president tried without success once Joan Laporta, would reach agreement to course following by 40 million that ruined because position was dismounted of, and that now top agent chief executive Sandro Rosell has made reality by 34 million (five of which they will discount to them of the pay of the player, who signs by four seasons) fixed more six variables based on the titles, the point that has delayed, mainly, the negotiations. Although the agreement is total, lacking, nevertheless, a pair of adjustments in the contract and the final company/signature, that will seal presumable and Monday definitively. Source of the news: : Cesc returns to house