By Manuel

Posted by Juan on May 16, 2020

The ego when we let it grow makes us unhappy. The ego can be considered as a set of emotions and feelings that are identified with possessions. Kai-Fu Lee spoke with conviction. That's why he must be destroyed and only a state of freedom will reach a state of union with the whole, a state free from attachment. Sacred spaces with Sheri R. Klein says in this dialogue is that education should be seen as a process of evolution of consciousness and spiritual development.

Education must transcend and leave the old structures that encourage the formation of individuals who are suitable for labor for industries and training of individuals with skills to work in the service areas so that education plays a full role developing mechanistic development only instrumental reality. And it ignores the human side of development. The current education system is immersed in the development of quality standards which measure only objective relations systems and mechanisms and that these quality standards were developed for industrial processes where the variables to measure are very different educational variables. The focus of quality education measured only administrative, financial and material resources, leaving aside the human aspect of sense of meaning of integrity, to be individuals with a greater sense of life. The educated must change its old mechanistic paradigm to train individuals for life instead of individuals for the job.

During the process of learning dialogue established between the teacher and the student must be bidirectional and unidirectional as in the mechanistic scheme for really meaningful learning occurs, auque the problem of evaluation of learning always represented the Achilles heel education, as this tends to be quantitative and qualitative aspects ignores integrity and subjectivity. In a holistic scheme includes proposals for assessment as self-assessment is focused on making a reflection on the educational process focused on things more subtle measure of learning. Moreover Klein says the educational space, the classroom is something that never speaking because these areas usually do not have conditions conducive to learning. In a holistic framework promotes the development of instrumental rationality but also seeks to train individuals so that incorporates comprehensive development of spirituality to promote love, compassion, joy, freedom etc. Auque the main problem occurs with assessment, particularly the search for patterns that allow me to measure the spiritual growth. A proposal is included in the curriculum schemes based on questions in a manner conducive to inquiry into a logic of knowledge. In a scheme of scientific research is part of a hypothesis and this is done the research process. By Manuel J. BIBLIOGRAPHY Beltran Barrantes NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. The way of the perennial philosophy NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. Wisdom, love and compassion. NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. Dialogues holistic '.