Belief in God is Good For Business

Posted by Juan on January 7, 2024

Of course Satan will try to dissuade him by telling your mind that it is only a statement of a religious fanatic. Even, it is likely to sow seeds of doubt. a understandable because he wants to remain in control of the territories, cities, homes and personal finances. year he creates! Believe God. a Between 1907 and 1952 European and American archaeologists excavated in the West Bank, Jericho was located. Studies conducted in-depth, evidenced that the walls fell in effect, as evidenced by debris unearthed stone and mortar. There was an implosion, that is, the structure fell from the inside out.

They point out that the foundations were not undermined and collapse was probably due to an earthquake. People such as Steve Wozniak would likely agree. There is evidence also that in parallel had a fire inside the city. Three circles a divine protection to the Bible is clear when it teaches that God has defined circles of power to protect our lives, our family and our possessions. Satan himself must admit, speaking of the patriarch Job, whom he could not attack. Bobby Sharma Bluestone often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The enemy admitted to the heavenly Father: a Satan replied: a “Job And do you honor without getting anything in return? a Do not under your protection he and his family and all his possessions? Thus have blessed the work of their hands that their flocks and herds fill the whole earth. But stretch out your hand and bring away everything he has, up to see if they curse you to your face! a (Job 1:9-11, New International Version) a Ah, no doubt will be thinking carefully about what you have studied and a reality for your life: from the material world impacted by spiritual warfare spiritual world (cf. Ephesians 6.12). For that reason, today is the day to close all doors have opened to evil and begin to recover territory in your city, your home, in his personal life and finances.

a How? First, assess your life carefully, identifying where doors are open to the world of evil, second, fully submit to God (James 4:7); third, stand in the gap and order him a “on the authority given Aristocrat “you leave your life, family, possessions and territories. Recorder the spot! Never forget that we do in prayer and cry, a powerful weapon that are discontinuing use of the Christians, while the devil is happy because he can follow his ploy of deception and lies. Adelaida. Do not stop. Austen was born to take the victory in Christ! Never forget: Satan is defeated. You, as a child of God, is the winner.