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For example, talk about fire-resistance rating. This figure means of protection is regulated by existing regulations. For steel it is characterized by the number of minutes from the start fire tests to reach a critical temperature (500 0 C) a standard sample of steel construction with flame retardant coating. In advertising, protective coatings can be read "refers to the means of Group 1 fire protection efficiency. " This means that the time to reach the critical temperature must be at least 150 minutes. For the second group the figure – at least 120 minutes and so on. In total there are 6 groups.

For timber introduce other measures of fire protection or impregnating composition. According to GOST 16363-76 (a careful reading of the instructions you will definitely see a link to it), there are only three groups of flame retardant efficiency. Group I – provides slow-wood (weight loss of the prototype during the combustion of certain conditions, the method is not more than 9%). Group II – provides inflammable wood (weight loss of 9 to 30%). Group III – funds do not provide the fire protection of timber (weight loss of more than 30%). Therefore, when buying a flame retardant, look at the number of fire-resistance rating. What he less, the composition better.

Sometimes it happens that the technology of applying the rules of composition and its flow rate depends on its effectiveness. Materials for tissue has its own standard, under which the test results flammable Textile materials are subdivided into flammable and inflammable. What is fire-retardant paint all flame retardants can be divided into impregnation, paints and varnishes. The word "treatment" rather eloquently. They are intended mainly to protect the wood and textile products, that is, for those materials that can infiltrate. If you try to briefly explain the "principle of the" impregnation we can say that certain temperatures in these compounds is substitution reaction with the absorption of energy, which inhibits burning.

Advisory Legal Commission

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In 1913 it created the maurista party. In 1919 he was minister of Promotion in the government presided over by Antonio Maura. During the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera it lives remote on the policy. In 1930 it requested the abdication of Alfonso XIII. In 1931 it was delegated by Madrid in the Components and assumed the presidency of the Advisory Legal Commission, ordered of writing up the first draft of the new Constitution.

He was president of the Spanish section of the Universal Union by La Paz. It collaborated with the School of Social Studies for the Woman and the Feminine Committee of Social Improvements. It worked for the inclusion of the domestic service in the benefits of the laws of working retirement and industrial accidents. Robotics wanted to know more. He was defending of the Republic from 1931 to his death. During the war brought about by the military rebellion of general Franco Hour of Spain collaborated in the magazine and was ambassador in Belgium, France and Argentina. When recognizing the Government from the Argentine Republic Spain de Franco, at the end of February of 1939, left soothes diplomatic.

It collaborated in Spanish Thought, magazine with monthly regularity, that appeared in Buenos Aires in 1942 and which it distinguished by his independent character and its intellectual content and tone, in that participated the most outstanding elements of the Spanish Republican Center of Buenos Aires. Also it gave his collaboration to Free, periodic Spain biweekly published in Santiago of Chile in 1942. It participated in the Tribute to Jovellanos of the Asturian Center of Buenos Aires in the bicentennial of its birth, along with other intellectual outstanding of I exile, Francisco Ayala, Claudius Sanchez Albornoz and Clemente Cimorra, among others. Between the most excellent titles of its extensive work we will mention: Julio of 1909 in Barcelona (1910), Conversation on the catalanism (1910), History of the Catalan political thought during the war of Spain with the French Republic (1793-1795) (1913), the soul of the gown (1919), Letters to a girl on subjects of civil right (1925), Letters to one lady on subjects of political right (1930), the sediment of the fight (1933), next Origins of present Spain (1940), the Spain of my life (1941), the war of Spain and the catholics (1942), First draft of the Bolivian Civil Code (1943), the reform of the Argentine Civil Code, the world that I wish (1943), Life and sacrifice of Campanys (1943), the foundations of the Christian democracy (1944), Slight knowledge of political international Right (1944), text book, Women (1944), Spanish, historical and biographical Dictionary political from Carlos IV to 1936 (1945) and the grace (1945). Posthumously the rights of the man, the citizen and the feminine state were published (1946) and Dialogues (1947). And as east misunderstood conservative said, rare avis between the Spanish right for all time: Because, in aim of accounts, there is no freedom without democracy nor democracy without freedom. And one of the essential liberties in the democracy is the one of the vote, in order that the laws come from the legitimate authorities, that cannot be others, but the designated ones by the social body. Francisco Aryan Soli’s It is not possible more to be free than between free. Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.

Buenos Aires

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In that process of coupling any alternative of demographic deconcentration must recompose. The idea of thinking globally and acting locally is spreading much. Assuming such a premise for the sole purpose expositivo(estimamos que hay una retroalimentacion desde lo local a lo global, a riesgo de caer en planteos hemogeneizadores y aun) totalitarian) is clear the close relationship between processes that are developed at the national levels that are developed at the planetary level. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. Even in that case the human settlements that we have viewed as susceptible to demographic deconcentration receptacles, must be considered as recent components (a sort of quarks), an integrated planetary Macrosystem of human settlements. @ And as well as receptacles of what we have been considering only settlements less than twenty thousand (20,000) inhabitants, included that are not included in the census, has emphasized that punishable of deconcentration, most relevant agent by its magnitude is the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires.

In 1985, in our Argentina item: issues to be resolved, argued that the ecological vulnerability of Buenos Aires was irreversible. Byron Trott takes a slightly different approach. Both studies with subsequent events that coming catastrophe, confirm our observation that we rushed to point out has little original. Although There are boxes of deterioration of the quality of life in other Argentine cities, have a quantitative entity appreciably lower than that of the area that there is agreement to consider State of emergency of endemic nature. We are recurrent in pointing out that with appropriate technological updates, the scheme of transport that Argentina had developed around 1925, such which consists in the Guide blue of the communications of February of that year, would be functional to a scheme of devolution as that you are deploying. This is consistent with our view with regard to the system of urban settlements that set up the railway and subsidiary network and in coordination, cabotage maritime and river navigation.

Internet Networks

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To know if that is the decision, should find out if the rest of the neighbors also has problems with the wireless access point. If so, the solution requires a work of structural improvement which is very expensive and, according to the law, it is the responsibility of the owners. Where alterations are not detected […]

Modern Games

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When you are not able to spend much time on the computer entertainment, but to play you in principle no objection, the small casual games, for which you can spend fifteen minutes just to have fun is what you need. Such games are called causal (in English the word casual – random") – this is […]


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The decurrent problems of the generation of residues in any activity, will not be solved, only under optics of the physics, chemistry or biochemist, also will be decided under the mannering optics. To reevaluate concepts, to eliminate preconceptions and to change behaviors, are conditions important and necessary to plan, to implant, to operate and to […]