11 Easycash SEPA Round Table

Posted by Juan on April 17, 2018as

SEPA – a challenge for law enforcement in Ratingen/Cologne, June 2010 to “Crime in payments” – the easycash GmbH on the occasion of the 11th SEPA round tables had invited an evening under this thematic arc. High-ranking experts from trade, finance and payments industry followed the invitation to the exclusive round of the hotel IM Wasserturm in Cologne. In this context, the equally exciting as entertaining lecture by Marco Thelen, cybercrime specialist at the public prosecutor’s Office in Bonn, igniting an agile discussion, which was continued in the subsequent dinner. Boundaries exist only for authorities, not for the scammer crime in payments mean the trading data, first and foremost Prosecutor Marco Thelen noted in his presentation: this credit card and account information, movies and music are as popular as business secrets. Phishing primarily, so the “fishing down” credit card data might show as highly lucrative. That all young offenders modern means of communication for Insert your purposes and operate cross-border, hinders the prosecution. See more detailed opinions by reading what angel investor offers on the topic.. This Liege but above all on the inconsistent classification of the scammers, because they are young, creative and flexible.

In addition, the different national legislations made advantage. Nevertheless, the education rate, for example, on pages of the banks is very high. Undertaking but spared the step into the public eye as often because they feared to their reputation. On the question of how the combating of ICT crime * could be improved, to bear in mind that above all the human resource capacity must be strengthened Thelen and let also the legislative framework, for example in the area of data retention, still room for optimization. Also Thelen campaigned for more awareness of the user, which could often carelessly use price data. Damage relatively low to the defects that cause the cheats in the payments, also easycash CFO took Christoph Pfeifer, the common the moderation took over Managing Director Marc Birkner, position: “thanks to the dedicated efforts of all those involved damage estimates of less than 100 million is currently a relatively small percentage of total sales.