With Polls Do Good

Posted by Juan on January 8, 2024as

Survey participants donate to by Befragmich.de for SupKids the market research Institute Dr. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. Garcia & Cie. engaged from January 2011 for the non-profit project of SupKids in Hamburg, which supports children and young people of chronically ill parents. For this, respondents of the online panel can donate their participation bonuses from surveys for SupKids. Supported with chronically ill parents in Germany SupKids families live around 250,000 children whose parents suffer from serious chronic diseases of such as multiple sclerosis or cancer. These kids afford very much within their families and are exposed considerable mental stress. The DRC Sorority Hamburg e.V. supports these children within the framework of the project of SupKids”as a nationwide first point with numerous supervising and advisory measures.

The project will be fully funded from donations and grants. We are very pleased that we can support the project of SupKids, because SupKids does great work in families where a parent is chronically ill”, Gunnar Grieger, owner of the market research Institute Dr. Garcia & CIE from questioned Hamburg are and help In the online panel have the way opinion polls to participate in people from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, be carried out online. Each survey will be rewarded with a participation award. In addition to the payout is for survey participants the opportunity to donate their bonuses to charity.

We particularly pleased when our participants the opportunity of donation, because many small contributions can cause so much”, Garcia continues. As long as 5,000 participants donate 2 euro each, 10,000 euros for SupKids could come together.” There is further information about the project of SupKids under. Persons interested in polls can register at. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. market research with the online panel offers the owner-managed Hamburger Market Research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. the opportunity to participate in online conducted opinion polls in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. For each survey, respondents receive compensation, which can optionally donate for a good cause.