Urquijo Bank

Posted by Juan on March 10, 2018

The Association Provincial businessmen of mine of anthracite (Apema) of Leon, announces the immediate loss of more than a thousand jobs due to the fulfilment of the commitment to Kyoto, which calls for reducing CO2 emissions. A limit to the overall health of the species situation human, in a rich society and with energy diversification can be dependent on a measure necessary for the jobs in the mining sector? Labor unions have been anchored in the industrial society. The implementation of this commitment of Kyoto affected negatively, at the end of November 2004, Endesa and Union Fenosa, which moved its capital in four stock market operators. But expanded by against the benefits of Iberdrola. The first two fell 04 points the price of their titles, and the Urquijo Bank advised to accumulate shares in Iberdrola. Shortly after Endesa and Union Fenosa won by its strategy in the financial market, without that change the conditions affecting their productive investment. Details can be found by clicking Marc Mathieu or emailing the administrator. We note that an environmental factor affecting the industry in two ways, down the benefits of production and wages in the form of unemployment, but financial business wins. Together with the above data added that the Central Bank of Spain reports to the Senate (25-XI – 04) sales that have fallen to the exterior in a period in which has grown at the level of international trade worldwide.

Reports also that domestic demand is the main support of the economic expansion, which adds 46 points to growth thanks to the sustained consumption of households. Data to take into account in relation to the proposal that we do. Response provided by the Government is reviewing fiscal policy, inter alia in relation to research, development and innovation (r & d) so that the technological investment as element of competitiveness against the cost and production salaries should be increased. Which is detrimental to employment. Against this evidence of government economic policy experts propose to help create alternative employment, which is to reiterate a flop after another, because the employment it creates the market itself within the functioning of the economy, therefore we have to make this work.