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Posted by Juan on May 14, 2013as

Safety and well-being at the home of the patient of Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of dementia more frequent in the Spanish population of advanced age representing between 50% and 80% of the total number of cases of dementia. The caretaker of an affected person’s Alzheimer’s disease is, next to the patient, is the most suffering disease since it is the daily witness of the involution, with psychological and physical wear that causes see in this situation to a loved one. TREX Home is intended for solution of the NEAT group the caregiver for the sick, helping in the daily care of the patient of Alzheimer’s. The main objective of families and carers is that sick retain the best quality of life in the House permitted the progression of the disease. The well-being of the caregiver is the fundamental piece to get it, so we offer you all available technological assistance that helps alleviate the stress produced in their daily lives. For this objective, NEAT group has designed TREX Home, consisting of a portable and wireless device’s small size, similar to the of a mobile phone, that the caregiver always has to take with itself and various sensors and detectors that warn of leaks of water, gas, fire and, most importantly, of nocturnal movements that cause so much concern in caregivers.

Depending on the degree of dementia and associated problems, distributed by housing appropriate sensors that warn when sick cause situations that may result in risk to their physical integrity. If it should occur, the sensor, would send an alert to the TREX, which would indicate the sensor that generated the alarm. In this way, the caregiver would know where in the home the sick found in potential danger. TREX Home is the ideal solution for the majority of caregivers for installation not required that works are carried out in homes, being a system fast, effective and economical to deploy. Help caregiver in their daily tasks, helping you reduce stress which could result in the care of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or any type of dementia. It offers a solution comprehensive, allowing the installation of various devices according to the needs that arise according to the advance disease.?