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Perfect business listing companies have more customers and greater success at SwissRegio in the Switzerland the opportunity your company very goal-oriented to present. Also you can take advantage of the opportunities and make your business through a business listing even more successful. Don Slager has much to offer in this field. This SwissRegio offers several criteria, which can select prospects in finding a suitable partner. The regional allocation is of course very popular. Tourists and locals use this choice to a service company, to find a boutique or a recommended hotel close to her. But the search is becoming increasingly popular to industry-typical characteristics.

Finally a very special company is looking for in our innovative time increasingly. You should describe as precisely as possible so your company and its special properties. As a result, differentiate themselves from their competitors and show what you and your team. SwissRegio will be happy to assist you with a dynamic form of advertising. So especially the startup in the Switzerland will be boosted from the outset.

The experienced staff are professionals in their field and know what it is. Together, you will certainly develop a great advertising strategy arriving. It is important that interested you be aware, only you can show what you. It, the first impression is crucial so that potential customers are willing to read your entire advertising intensively. Today it no longer sufficient to rattling off a few more information download. For example, the color appealing design is much more important. If the optics like customers, they feel addressed, and simply want to learn more. The team of SwissRegio will be happy to assist you to long-term success. Stef Meier

Swiss Software

German entrepreneurs in the United States is the concept, success comes the United States are the birthplace of Microsoft and Apple fans just as fascinated look overseas. Here, names such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have become legends. There is a chance in such a market for immigrant in the United States German at all? Can they run there own successful software forging? And what is with German, Austrian or Swiss software – and IT companies, which expand in the United States: they can secure themselves a niche in the market? Clearly yes, if offered the right products”, says Max Karagoz company ALTON LLC ( telecommunication software”is a 1994 company headquartered in Innsbruck, offering special software solutions in the field of telecommunications. SAMwin contact center suite”is the call center program with extensive features offered by the company. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. telecommunication software”has locations in addition to its headquarters in Austria in Of Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and now in the United States. se.

ALTON LLC helped the company build its subsidiary in the United States. At the same time, ALTON LLC provides his customers with the registered agent. He serves as official partner of the company for American Government agencies. The registered agent is also necessary when a limited liability company (LLC), registered in the United States or a U.S. Corporation in Germany alone, and not in the United States. Entrepreneurial advice and providing a bank account in the United States belonged to the ALTON LLC”services for telecommunication software. Psynetic LLC is an another software company that was supported by ALTON LLC when the company was founded in the United States.

ALTON LLC was also advising, was the registered agent and gave its customers an American Bank account. Psynetic LLC is a provider of accounting software. Also on the US software market, the concept must be the software market in the United States can be an extremely worthwhile market.


Also the range of warehouse facilities that allow a proper storage of hazardous materials, has increased with the increasing regulation and the related control of the operating supervision. Ranging from simple Kleingebindewannen or drip pans out to hazardous materials depots, are equipped with ventilation etc., a wide variety of environmental storage technology for the respective operation at the specialist is available. Drip pans, filling stations, hazardous materials depots or fire protection container – which storage systems fit to the needs and complies with the legal requirements? Not only the variety of the various dangerous substances, but also the legal regulations make it usually necessary, the skilled person before the acquisition of the Environmental storage systems to consult, so that together, a concept can be elaborated to determine the storage technology for individual needs. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. Generally, a wide range of products includes environmental storage systems: drip pans are the appropriate storage facilities for fluids and are available in different sizes and materials, so that by the small containers up to multiple barrels can be stored safely. Soil sinks will be used in contrast not only to the storage of hazardous materials, but bottled water pollutants as hazardous material LagertechnikFlache on the. Barrel – down filling stations enable the environmentally conscious filling of hazardous material grades from barrels.

The hazardous substances deposits represent very special meaning for the environmental storage systems. These depots for hazardous substances are very flexibly usable and robust storage for both indoor and outdoor adjustable. Some models of this environmental storage technology can easily through the entrance to ashes for forklift trucks be moved. These examples represent only a small excerpt of the various options of the environmental storage facility and once again makes it clear that the concept of the right storage facility should be practical, i.e. are elaborated with a sense of what is feasible, to not go down in the fullness of the alternatives.

The Second Generation Of The Wireless System From

The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The radio specialist offers some innovative improvements in the second stage. These include EkoTek slave units, which are connected via a LAN with the master control panel and find for capturing large areas of application. Programming need be performed only on the master unit, it then automatically communicates with the slave hub Repeater with solar panel in the IP65 enclosure for the supply of free sites Repeater with Red alarm button as a fixed emergency way repeater with contact input for external alarms emergency beacon now available with pull cord to trigger an alarm (panic button) all components are available now.

EkoTek is a complete wireless system with very little installation effort and find it anywhere There application, where a search and backup system requires the legislator or the individual security policies for employees of hazardous jobs. A fire alarm contact inputs is also possible. Furthermore, the system using a serial data interface is equipped. So, E.g. an existing light call system can be easily switched on depending on the application and room call be transferred to the mobile emergency call recipient. Installation in existing buildings to keep as low as possible the cost of a lavish, our system with battery-based repeaters. There are no other tracking stations. The total investment for our facility is cheaper than for a wired system and so even with limited budget possible therefore many times”explains Frank Rotthoff, sales & marketing management of multi sound GmbH. the request for protection and security for its own employees increases permanently. With versions now available, we cover Requirements in many parts of the industry, in the areas of Psychiatry, forensics, addiction clinics, integration and funding bodies, and dishes out.” Multi tone Elektronik GmbH Rahman str. 11 D-40476 Dusseldorf phone + 49 211 469020 fax + 49 211 480758 E-mail Internet

International Group

The presented bottle packaging in various sizes and formats, a secure shipping and transport offer, aroused the interest of the public. During the two-day fair saw the multi-member Rajapack team, which consisted of sales and multi channel marketing staff, a total of over 500 contacts and inquiries, which are analysed and processed after the fair. It was already very concrete issues to specific packaging problems. We are extremely satisfied with the response of the visitors”, explains Schonfeld, who values personal contact very at trade fairs. In direct talks we can exactly to the questions and needs of our customers go up and advise you as well.” In addition to the wide range of packaging solutions provided an online memory game with packaging products also entertaining entertainment Rajapack booth. Aim of the game was to assign the right packaging solution to an everyday product, for example, of a book. Among all participants, an Apple iPad2 gave each away Raja Pack on two days of the fair. Digital marketing is gaining the world’s third edition of the dmexco was already fully booked with a total 440 exhibitors from all over the world in advance.

Thanks to a growth of stand bookings from abroad worldwide by 50 percent, the proportion of international exhibitors increased to 19 percent. In addition to the growing number of visitors shows also the current online report 2011/2 “of the online-Vermarkterkreises (OVK), which was presented at the dmexco that digital marketing is increasingly gaining in importance. Hence comes the German online advertising market this year at EUR 6.23 billion and achieved an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Schonfeld explains the range of e-commerce is an important business field, we want to further expand for us”. “Our trade fair appearance at the dmexco was an important step: we have made here not only numerous promising contacts, but also as a competent partner for packaging solutions in the area of e-commerce presents us.” About Rajapack r Pack GmbH is the German subsidiary International Group of RAJA. The French group of companies offers a total 500,000 customers first-class solutions and numerous products for packaging and shipping. Ten Logistics Center allow with over 160,000 square meters of warehouse space, ordered goods within 24/48 hours in fourteen countries in Europe to deliver. With approximately 1300 employees, the RAJA group generated an annual turnover of 300 million euros in 2010. More than 5,000 innovative packaging solutions with an optimal price/performance ratio can be found in the current range. The company, based in Birkenfeld attaches particular importance to its comprehensive customer service, commitment to environmental protection, as well as a professional wholesale service. Press contact Katrin hunger r Pack GmbH Goethestrasse 47 75217 Birkenfeld telephone: 0180 / 5 306 307 E-Mail:

Etienne Pfimlin

CE qui permettra au groupe d ‘eviter d’ autres deboires lies ala crise actuelle of the Subprimes. Les pertes you groupe subscription au subprime sont ridicules, de l’ordre de 300 Moi. . Corn ce sont toujours 300 million de trop selon de nombreux societaires. Malgre tout Pflimlin continue sa d ‘ expansion strategy et s ‘ invite dans les galeries Lafayette et rachete tout dernierement le groupe lourdement endette de l’ Est republicain. En ce qui concerne l ‘Allemagne, a il existe ce qu’ on pourrait appeler un pacte de non agression entres le Credit Mutuel et les banques allemandes (Volks-und Raiffeisenbanken) cooperatives. Corn cela n ‘gure empeche les Strasbourgeois d’ all braconner outre-Rhin avec produits attractifs comme le financement immobilier, au grand desarroi de leurs collegues de l’autre Cote de la frontiere.

CES taux attractifs sont le result entre autres of avantages read au livret bleu. CE privilege a ete attaque plusieurs fois par Bruxelles et ce n ‘est qu ‘une question de temps jusqu’ Aquarium’ il disparaisse. Sera ALORS le Credit Mutuel presque une banque comme les autres. Le coup de Maitre you Credit Mutuel aurait pu etre de faire revivre au level Europeen de Raiffeisen, l ‘ ideal de fusionner avec les freres allemands et d ‘utiliser cette force motrice ensemble dans les pays emergents d’ Europe. Et surtout il ne pas oublier que le succes actuel deposit sur les faut principes fondateurs preches par Raiffeisen: une responsabilite Illimite of the societaires, la Solidarite, les activites locales, le voluntary help of managing.

Wireless Internet

Videos in brilliant quality, directly from our Treasury! But it gets better: we show you our most popular clips, and provide the latest pictures on the net. And the best for the end: all there is to the absolute zero cost! Hard to believe, or? But we expect something in return. Your brain – and thoughtless comments saves you and us. Instead click on the links, buy our movies and TV series and relieves the pain and disgust, the years of theft has caused us.” Three months later, the results of this bold venture were available. The DVD of Monty Python were movies and television series in place of two of the best sellers in the section at Amazon, the sales figures had increased to legendary 23,000 percent. The concept of free “has worked, and that more than good.” I write these lines on a NetBook computer for $ 250, the latest generation of laptop with rapid growth rates.

The A free version of Linux is an operating system, although it doesn’t matter to me, because I of course also freeware with any other program as with the free Web browser Firefox. No program on my PC took a penny me, regardless, whether I’m sending emails or Twitter messages to. Wireless Internet access costs me nothing, because that assumes the Internet Cafe, where I just sit. This is the paradox of free: the company earn a golden nose, even though their products or services cost nothing. Of course, not everything is available free of charge, nevertheless developed a market for products at the price of $ 0.00, corresponding to that of a great State. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, mountain view, California that is a stronghold of free. There is talk of the Googleplex, the headquarters of the largest of all the companies that make their money with the gift of things.