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Mathematical Education

The central objective of the work is to promote a quarrel establishing parallel between the form as the Mathematics traditionally is worked (as exclusion form) and the Liberating Mathematics the service of the social transformation. E, to argue the importance of the integration of the technology to the resume (fact that is not observed in the majority of the schools in the current days promoting with this an impediment the values as initiative, motivation, self-discipline and autonomy). But, not as one disciplines separately or sporadical while project. As specialists in educational technology must be a daily tool to promote and to extend the learning of the pupils. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Don Slager. The main used authors had been Vygotsky, that attributes a significant importance to the social paper of the school and the Mathematics in construction of the knowledge and Ubiratan D’ Ambrsio, that salient the importance of the Etnomatemtica as one of the efficient lines of direction for the revision of the mathematical concepts and the methods and applied techniques, until then, in the work with this disciplines.

The used methodology is based on the hermeneutic paradigm whose research is of qualitative nature using initially a bibliographical research. After that, a dialtico study it enters the main points of the theories partner-interacionistas and the educational ideas on the paper of the school according to these theories and the importance of the use of the technology in classroom. This work promotes a reflection of as the Mathematics is treated in classroom, searching half to prevent ojeriza that many pupils demonstrate with that one discipline integrating the human being, the technological one, the individual one, group and the social one. Word-key: Mathematical education. Etnomatemtica. Technology. Partner. Abstract The main objective of the work is you such initiative, motivation, self-disciplines and autonomy).

Pablo Freire

Moreover, I recognize the imperious necessity of if reviewing the concepts that if have on the Mathematics, that is so important in the life of the man. As well as of the methods and techniques used in its education. Regarding this if it places Pablo Freire (1998, P. 26-29): I do not fear to say that reality in education inexists where a learning does not result where the apprentice if did not become capable to recriar or to remake the taught one. … in the conditions of true learnings the educandos ones go if transforming into real citizens of construction and of the reconstruction of knowing taught …. It is thus perceived, that it is part of the teaching task not only to teach contents, but also to teach to think certain.

The biggest importance of this study is the contribution that will give for all the professionals in general, that they work in the education of the Mathematics, therefore promotes a study dialtico enters the main points of the theories partner-interacionistas correlated to the educational ideas on the paper of the school and the importance of the use of the technology in classroom offering to them chances to reflect on its paper as mediator in the process of teach-learning in this area, inside of ours world contemporary. 2 METHODOLOGY The methodology of used research was of qualitative matrix, translating and expressing the direction of the phenomena found throughout the work. This type of research has inductive approach and one descriptive character of the studied given phenomena and/or where it has an interactive and direct contact of the researcher with the study object. As procedure of collection of data a bibliographical research was carried through sidewalk in books, magazines and too much publications of studious pedagogos and that if had dedicated the research educational and had launched important theories on the Mathematical Education.

Being Happy

Papa arrived in house in that happy late-night of the life; he was not for less, therefore he had bought a new device of sound. The year was 1983, then ' ' device of som' ' of that time trambolho meant one great, with some separate parts or modules (record player, touch-ribbons, radio AM/FM, great boxes of sound) that, with the aid of many and long wires, they were joined and they worked together stops giving in them optimum of music (if vc are feeling lack of the module touch-cd' s forgets at that time did not have nor the concept of compact disc)! Good, but this new acquisition of my father was more or less one of top of line that had to the time then, to protect it of external agents (it reads the curious boys that they lived in that house, therefore rambled dangerously close to the place where it would go to be installed the equipment) it had a wonderful idea: it constructed, with its proper hands, a ortaleza to keep in way insurance very its precious one well. Wooden bulk was an immense horizontal box, a trunk, with compartments for some modules and its wires and with a great equally firm cover that came with gigantic a cadeado one of iron that, when locked, in the only existing key if it only opened. I want here to make a commentary: this fact that I am telling if passed, as the reader already perceived, has thirty years almost; today the sound device does not exist more, but the immense trunk and its frightful cadeado if find in my house, one room, already without the original compartments and that today my wife uses to keep clean clothes that need to be last (and muuuita thing fits). Coming back what it interests: the only one, or the only parts that were of are of this trunk were the boxes of sound, because, in the mind me father ' ' how the boys could damage in some known way mere boxes of sound? ' ' He did not have as! Therefore everything was perfectly safe.