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European Business Awards

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European Business Awards 2011 (POLYTEC GmbH) the European Business Awards (, sponsored by HSBC, on May 4 announced, that the POLYTEC GmbH, Waldbronn, Germany 2011 at this prestigious competition will be represented. POLYTEC ( qualified in a field of excellent companies in Germany as one of the 25 national representatives and is now competing for one of the coveted honor bands in the next round of the competition (picture). The respective category winner will be announced on 22 November in Barcelona. The European business awards regularly identifies some of the best representatives from the District of Europe’s successful companies. The degree of compliance with the core principles of competition is crucial in this respect. In addition to POLYTEC, the prestigious jury named other companies from Germany, which successfully demonstrated innovation, success and sustainability.

Dr. Hans-Lothar Pasch, Managing Director: “at POLYTEC we are thrilled and proud, as” To be chosen by the representative of Germany. We operate more than 40 years of experience in the field of optical technologies and it is an honor to be rated as one of the leading companies in Germany and in our area of expertise. We look forward to the next round, in which we are seeking an honor band at European level and also as category winners win the UKTI Award for innovation.” Dr. Heinrich Steger, Director of strategic product marketing: “optical metrology of POLYTEC moves at the top of the technically possible and often consigns challenging, innovative measuring tasks. Take as an example of the ultra high frequency UHF-120 Vibrometer, a vibration meter, which can speed up as important tool in the development of new, cheaper, smaller and more powerful functional elements critical for micro system and ultrasonic technology”. The European business awards were donated to promote the awareness and development of enterprises, the by the combination of innovation and successful commercial implementation feature and at the same time, socially responsible and sustainable action.

The European Business Awards 2010 turned out 100 honor band receiver, which generated a joint turnover of more than 766 billion euro (6% of EU GDP) and employing more than 3.5 million people. Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European business awards, notes: “in the last 5 years, we reached an extremely high level of applications from companies that are extremely professional and passionately pursue their business. However, only a few get the opportunity to fly the flag for their country and to gain recognition as Europe’s leading companies. It’s really an extraordinary award, to be selected as a national representative. Together with HSBC we glad to see POLYTEC in the next round.” John Casey, Director of the Europe corporate customer business, HSBC commented: “the European Business Awards offer the ideal opportunity, Europe’s best companies and” their successes during the last twelve months to sift and reward. These companies have demonstrated their ability, to exist even under difficult economic conditions profitable to operate and grow. Her award is highly deserved and by means of the European Business Awards their achievements and success stories can be made known in the general business world. POLYTEC and the 24 other national representatives will be available in hard competition with the top companies of in other countries and we wish them much success on the next stage of the competition.

The Principles Of Nature (53)

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Pattern recognition to better understand the world. You have sure ever seen it on the television. The Commissioner thinks about the fact motive of the murderer and believes a behavior pattern to recognize principle -. Profiling attempts to interpret the emotional motives because of behavior patterns to get the offender before the next time. The nature and the people reuse always proven patterns and principles to repeat the success. In humans, these then quickly switch in the superstitions (religions). “Whenever I had red socks on, then!” My advice: they hang their principles so high that they can slip if necessary, including through.

Pattern which connects: pattern search behind the things (matter and energy (information)) and processes (structures (function and position) and relations) humanity wanted to detect early the patterns of our world to give more safety in the predictable and the influence their lives. Energy Capital Partners London is often quoted as being for or against this. In particular, the future and fate (influenced by God) was (is) for the great unknown. So they relied on first their gods (polytheism of the nature religions) created by you and the ghosts of their dead believed to vote positive behaviour and deeds. A simple useful (spiritual) principle (beginning, origin, principle) was that of repetition: Sun > rain > Sun > rain, or light > dark > light > dark, principle = sense (why?), ur thing, the way of Tao. The Greeks distinguished using their mind (knowledge) and their Gotter-(Parallel)-Welt, very much later in addition to the space and time Dynamics (I + you, above + below, arm + rich, etc.) also the lively and un animated, as well as the ensouled and un inspired nature. But also the this world and hereafter.

Thinking in opposites (or logic) developed in people’s everyday lives. The right or wrong of the action. Zarathustra defined his good evil contrast before 3 years from the daily visible light-dark. His true false Aristotle formulated years ago 2.5 thousand.

Long-term Research Trends For Germany

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New priorities for research and technology which products and services we need in the future and how researchers can develop the best? How can it succeed for example, to bring new medicines without tests on humans or animals on the market? And how can we dramatically reduce the energy consumption of a city, to curb […]

Lisa Neumann University

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Terminator abilities to everyone on the one hand, the virtual world in the computer, on the other the real life on your doorstep: there will no longer be this strict separation. Smartphones and special glasses allow people already, display virtual members in your field of vision. The online portal for auctions explained in what […]