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Industrial Water Purification

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Industrial water filters are mechanically cleaning. Additional information is available at Viacom. Since the impurities and residue retained mechanical filter elements. According to Darcy Stacom, New York City, who has experience with these questions. Requirements for the purification of water with time and therefore tougher filtering becoming more and more quality to meet the requirements. Filtration process in some filters may be based on the fact that the particles of oil just stick to the singular surface of the filtering layer. If sort filters by type of environment is responsible for cleaning the original solution, we obtain the following list: membrane, wire, fabric, alluvial, granular. For industrial water treatment uses the boot filters, and if you want to waste water from oil and oil it uses the following technique.

Waste water that you want to clean, supplied by pipeline to the filter canister which is filled with special crushed particles with a diameter of 0,5-1,8 mm. After passage of this layer load of water extracted particles of oil, sand and other solids, and then purified water is drained through a pipeline from filtration unit. Filter bed during filtration is gradually saturated with petroleum products, so you need it from time to time change. Apply such filters to purify water, which was already pre-cleaning. Finally, the purified water can be used in industrial water supply enterprises. Besides filters, which we have just considered, for cleaning of industrial water, there are other types of filtration plants. Consider some of them: – open – water that passes through this filter should be transparent, and the concentration of oil in it should not exceed 1-1,5 mg / l – a floating charge – in connection with a high adhesion to the oil products they use, and for separating oil-water emulsions – coalescing – consolidation of small emulsified droplets of oil into larger ones.


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Who do you choose? Now turn to the choice of the manufacturer (or supplier). Now the market can find a lot of firms the main supplier of which is "BiznesMebel" offering shelf equipment. Some of them – local producers, while another offers the products of foreign (German, Italian and other) companies. Very often employees and business clients opt for local producers. Why? Yes, because the warehouse has to be a 'live'. It can grow in size and height, regroup, move from one room to another, etc.

And therefore, it should be possible dozakazat elements shelf equipment (frames, beams, crossbars, decking) to quickly retrofit the warehouse. And easier to do when the hardware manufacturer – seat. You to bolts? This is followed by a choice of racking system – or rather, the principle of fastening elements for shelf complex (module) to each other. Currently, you have options: a fixed hook, bolt compounds; mixed (1 + 2). What is a fixed hook? One element of perforated holes of irregular shape, the other cut through the arch and the stamp of the hook (hook). The compound is made by institutions caught in the hole and it locks into position.

What are the advantages of this compound? The first is ease of production (and hence the speed and low cost) and ease of installation – no fittings. Furthermore, this scheme has following drawbacks: when the perforation holes are burrs, hooks often , the paint is applied too thickly. From this hook is often not included in the hole without a sledgehammer. Before installation required additional limb nearly every hook. To hook is not released from the compound during the operation rack complex, it is fixed by a special holder. The presence of the latter – a pledge the reliability of the design. But to trace its presence in the long-term use of racks, the height of tiers changed many times, almost impossible. When the process includes the 'human factor', the process becomes unpredictable. 'Latch is set or not set?'. This idea would tear the customer constantly. The above-mentioned risks are not racking system with bolted joints. Discomfort in her only one – the presence of fittings: bolts. But hardware is not afraid of any dynamic loads, uneven floors, 'human factor', etc. As an example: The maximum load on the bolt diameter of 12 mm under a load of tiers of shelving in the 3 m is 375 kg, and margin of the bolt – 1500 kg (!). All of the above options for mounting the modules are used in imported and domestic shelves. Nashi with the gain in price, but still inferior to foreign analogues in Technology production and product range. But the attractiveness of domestic shelves lately been caught up with 'foreigners'.

GSM Sensors

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The operating principle of gsm signaling is that after firing any wireless motion sensor or door opening, and use a panic button activated a siren and immediately begin an alert via gsm channel by using sms (MMS) messages or phone calls to the owner or point guard. The user has the opportunity to record all […]