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Posted by Juan on September 23, 2014 with Comments Closedas

Before conducting the wedding ceremony is important to know about patterns of action that must be made during the marriage, with the idea that everything works out the best way, to be learned through the premarital course, which and it is a requirement with which the couple will have adequate preparation for what awaits them in their new life as husband and wife, this with the idea of seeking a marriage that can endure through time. The premarital course, is an activity conducted by several priests and a number of spouses who have lived through certain situations and so they have a good experience which can lead to marriage, so give different advice to guide the pair of boyfriends in her life in coexistence. This last point, often finds its place taken in the course of a weekend in which you look at the couple, as a preview to what could be their life within marriage, their attitude commitments, plus a sample of the responsibilities and rights to acquire its new marriage and family life both by the arrival of more members to the union. With the completion of the premarital course, will open space for the couple and have the opportunity to: Be able to reflect together on the degree of maturity that is their relationship as lovers and if they are mature enough to tackle what is shaping of a marriage. Carry an identification of the patterns inherent in their relationship, the extent to which you know and how they can have a positive or negative influence in the new style of life that comes to them as a couple. Make an analysis of ways and patterns that should be changed or strengthened, to ensure that the union will soon be able to last long, thanks to its strength. In the premarital course, seek the acquisition of different means or tools that are helpful in the relationship for better communication, resolve any conflicts present and so to make way for the growth of the relationship. Give way to a reflection on the plan that is derived from her married life and the meaning they must have for the wonderful marriage as a reality close to their lives, in addition to evaluating all the challenges arising from its union. Keep in mind that completion of the premarital course, presents some requirements to make such a course, among them: the first is to present a photocopy of the identity documents of both, besides paying the costs arising from premarital course, and after this is passed to the development of premarital course. With the completion of the premarital course, he will give the couple a certificate that guarantees the completion of this prerequisite to marriage, which is due in the church where you want to perform the marriage ceremony.