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Night Waking and Sleeping

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If the method is carried in a progressive and “fixing certain points” would not be so painful for the child, such is not necessary to enter the normal time to take hold the baby, not close and not touch the baby at all. Routines if they are in most babies and to be slowly realizing that, after a bath, relaxing massage at, nursery rhyme is coming bedtime. Just as many parents worked, there are also parents to recount their experiences positively, arguing that effective if it is a very difficult, painful, for parents and children and that ultimately do not have any psychological problem (parents who combine their children to sleep alone but I would spend quality time, demonstrations of affection and respond immediately to any call of the child at night) only present a problem when using the method. How to know if doing the right thing?, You as a father more than anyone know perfectly well, your son, all babies will always remain close to parents, If you sure you want to implement this method, try it gradually, fear not hold and comfort her when she cries, if you take more than 7 days trying and your baby keeps crying, you should consider the method and try to stay in some months. “SLEEP WITHOUT TEARS” DE ROSA JOVE PROS is a safe and easy guide for baby and the parents can sleep all night.

Do not let the baby crying, or deny him hugs, songs and hugs. The smell and warmth of the mother gives the child confidence, thus feel safe while you sleep. Mom and baby are relaxed during sleep. A baby who sleeps with her parents or mother gets more physical contact and attention. The mother can feed the while baby sleeps, as it facilitates breastfeeding. It is very rare that the baby wakes up crying (unless you’re sick) he knows that is close to their parents. In cases such as vomiting, malaise, fever, parents can realize faster. If mom and baby awake at night, be reconciled sleep faster.

CONS If newborn, the baby sleeping next to mom, about the year-old mother waits for him to go to sleep while mom does not sleep, the baby can not sleep because you need the smell and heat of mom at night. In some cases, it is tiring for the mother to continue breastfeeding the baby over 2 years and therefore does not rest completely. For some couples, physical contact is lost overnight. If parents tend to move much while sleeping, could hurt the baby. When the baby passes of 8 months there is danger of falling off the bed if the bed is not secured against a wall or railing. If not done safely, you can choke or crush the baby. Conclusions: It is the guide most used by proponents of attachment parenting that promotes contact with the baby and gives security to not let them mourn and meet all your emotional and physical needs as long as they operate safely. RECOMMENDATION: You have to be clear that if you practice it will be best for the baby especially in his first two years of life. If you, for some reason you can not sleep with your baby, but do not want to leave mourn, a third alternative may be useful to you, read How to make my newborn sleep alone.

Baby Monitors

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Baby monitors are a relatively new invention. The idea of the major principle is simple – provide the ability to move around the house or near it and have the opportunity to observe your child. Now you can hear your child in time to come to help or just to watch him until he or she sleeps. You just put a transmitter or a camera at a distance of 3m from the child so that he caught all of sounds and with its own monitor, you can move on home, or simply put the receiver down beside her. Most baby monitors (monitors,) runs on batteries.

Some models allow your child to hear your voice, it will allow you, if necessary, to calm him down. But these helpers to the parents also have some disadvantages: the baby monitor and baby monitors, sometimes can play noise because of the presence of wireless phones or other mobile devices. Also, baby monitors can pick up sound from other baby. That’s why sometimes you should not discuss personal matters with activated baby monitor. A word of warning: To avoid neschatnyh cases never hold water or other liquids near the baby monitor (baby monitors). What to consider when choosing baby monitor (baby monitors): Compact: The smaller model is better (easier to carry). Discharge of the battery indicator: If your receiver batteries run out you can not hear the baby crying, so choose a baby monitor (baby monitors) that will warn of low battery. Light warning: When you watch TV or talk with someone, you can not hear faint sounds and miss who publishes your child.

But if the receiver has a lighted, then looked at him you can immediately determine that a child needs your attention. Additional receiver: There are times when every parent wants to have need a separate receiver or a receiver to leave the room and the other to carry around. Some baby monitors with two parent vypuskayutsya receivers, you can choose the baby monitor with two receivers parent if you wish. Connecting to a TV: Some baby monitors have the ability to connect to your TV. You can watch the screen as your child plays in his playpen. Baby monitors stayut more popular because of the possibility visual observation of the child. Baby monitors with the ability to communicate There are models of baby monitors that let you talk with your child, sing to him and even send anything. Some parents use this function to calm the child on the road heading to the nursery or to lull the baby waking up. If the child is old enough to respond, you can talk to him. You can also draw attention to low-cost walkie-talkies that can be used as baby monitors.